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strictly little barrel

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Q: What is kind of bat is illegal in dixie youth?
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How do you buy a youth baseball bat?

You go to a shop and grab a youth baseball bat then give the tiller some money then he will give you change then you can go with your new youth baseball bat!!!!!

Is it illegal to kill bats in minnesota?

Yes, bats are protected by many federal laws that prevent people from taking a bat's life. Using any kind of chemical to take a bat's life away is also considered highly illegal.

What baseball bat brands make a -5 bat?

DeMarini brand makes a youth baseball bat that is -5 size.

What bat is better youth CF4 or Youth B2?

neither is better they have the same amount of pop.

What is the highest minus on a youth baseball bat?


What youth baseball bat is best for a contact hitter?

easton 888

Are they going to make a CF3 white baseball bat in youth?

No. They only make 2 models of each cf bat

What is the best big barrel bat for youth baseball?

The best big barrel bat is -8 if you mean the type of bat then velocity but -8 31 inch 23oz

What is the most expensive wood youth baseball bat on the market?

It will cost 1,000,000 dollars to buy any bat and any size.

What does Minus bat drop refer to in youth bats?

A thirty inch bat that weighs 20 ounces would be a minus 10

What kind of bat?

Rouge is a large fruit bat.

What happens if a player is caught hitting with an illegal bat?

they will be sent back to the dugout or disqulified if used the bat