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I believe the term you are looking for is "layup"

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Q: What is it called when you shoot a basketball under the net?
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How do you play a basketball?

First of all, the sport is called basketball. Not a basketball. The objective is to dribble the ball down the court and shoot with your hands into the basketball net.

Is it easier to shoot a basketball without a net?


What can you play with a ball and net?

basketball where someone is holding the net while you shoot and then you take turns

Methods of scoring in basketball game?

Shoot the ball into the net ;D

Is it called a basketball goal or a basketball hoop?

it's called a basketball net. :) hoop

What did the ancient Chinese people do for entertainment?

basketball and hopscotch but the basketball had no hole in the net just a high up box to shoot in

How do you make a slam dunk on air raid basketball?

go close to the net and jump and shoot

What is the name of the area under the net in basketball?

Key :D

What is basketball ring?

basketball ring is where you can shoot the ball. it is a metal ring that sticks out of the backboard that you must shoot the ball through. The rim also contains a net that the ball falls out of once you make it in.

What do you do in basketball?

In basketball the objective is to get the basketball into your opponents net. Scoring you 2 points but if you shoot from the 3 pt line it does as it says gives you 3 points but this is only scraping the top of bAsketball.

What is it called when a basketball gets stuck in the net?


What is it called when a player attempts a shot under the net?

There is no official name for that shot. It is generally considered a layup, depending on how they shoot the ball.

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