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The other team is called the receiving team. Very simple. The captains of both teams meet by the referee and the referee flips a coin. The team that called the right side gets to choose. The team that decides to receive is called the receiving team. The team that serves is called the serving team.

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when you and your opponent pass the ball back and forth it is called a rally.

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That's called a mistake

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Q: What is it called when the person with the ball passes the other team?
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In volley ball who is the person who is by the net?

Well it would either be the setter (she passes the ball up with her hands above her head) or the hitters (they receive the set and hit the ball on the other side)

When a team passes a ball from a serve in volleyball that style of passing is called?

It is called serve receive.

What are the instances that a team can gain a point?

When your team gains a point: 1. when the other team serves the ball into the net or out of bounds 2. when the other team doesn't get the ball over the net in 3 or less passes 3. when the other team passes the ball into the net or out of bounds 4. when your team hits the ball to the other side and it lands in bounds

What was the name of the person who is greek statue of a person holding ball?

it is not a ball it is a discus the statue is called discablo

What is the penalty called when a quarter back passes the line of scrimige and throws the ball?

illegal forward pass

What is a ball dig?

dig -- A player passes the ball which has been attacked by the opposition.

In basketball why can't ypu hit a person and it be called a foul what happen when the other person hits you and you don't have the ball and they do?

You can foul someone whether you or them have the ball. If you make "illegal contact" with another player its a foul.

What is the person throwing the ball in dodge ball called?

Y0 mamma f00

What is it called when a defence catches the ball on a pass?

It is called a interception and is the other teams ball

What is the rugby ball called?

A Rugby Ball. there are no other names for it

What is passing in soccer?

It's when you kick the ball to another player on your team. This can be in the air or on the ground, in the air it can be called a lobbed pass or if the player kicks the ball in the penalty box it's called a cross theirs also ground passes and through balls which is when a player passes in front of a player so they can run to it (their can also be a through ball in the air as well

Is it bunting if the ball passes the pitcher?