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its called pregnancy u stupid peeeps ziiiinnnggg high 5

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Q: What is it called when someone puts there knee down in football?
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Does the ankle count as down in college football?

no it is a knee that is considered a down.

When you catch the football if your knee is down when catching it is it a complete pass?

Yes. Every level of football acknowledges this.

What is a knee and chine pads?

A knee pad and chin pads are football gear to protect you from getting hurt. If someone kicks you, for instance, the knee pad will block it and you will not get hurt.

How does the referee determine where to place the football after a run?

Where ever the football is when the knee goes down or where ever the ball is when forward progress is stopped.

When is a ball carrier down in football?

no it is defined as follows: player is down when knee or above, or forearm or elbow is cleary on the ground.

When the quarterback take a knee in football does it take time off theclock?

yes because it is considered a down.

How do you propose to someone?

The old-fashioned way is getting down on one knee.

What is the song called that says kick kick knee knee bend down and roll?

its called the turbo hustle and it's by dj maestro

When is a college football player considered down?

when he is just laying therewhen he is just laying there

When was rule change when knee down put into effect in college football?

no sucking boys balls sack b....

Are the curved football pads with the ridges on the knee pads?

no, those are go on the thigh and are called thigh boards

What are knee sliders?

A peice of plastic (or metal) that is attached by velcro to the knee of leathers (usually racing leathers) so that riders can slide their knee along the ground, called "knee-down"