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Grand slam

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Q: What is it called when a batter hits a home run with the bases loaded?
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When a batter hits the ball out of the park with bases loaded?

That is called a "Grand Slam".

In softball what is it called when the bases are loaded and the batter hits a home run?

Grand Slam

Bases are loaded 2 outsand batter hits fly ball to outfield outfielder catches ball in his hat is the batter out?


What is it called when a batter hits a home run with basses loaded?

it is called a grand slam

If there are 3 players bases loaded and the batter hits a home run how many runs are scored?

4, one for each base and the batter themselves.

If a batter hits a home run?

If a batter hits a home run, he can automatically run around all the bases and the team gets a point. If there are any runners already on the bases, then they count as points too. This is why you can have two-run home runs and 3-run home runs. If the bases are loaded, and the player at bat hits a home run, then the team gets four points. This is called a grand slam.

Bases loaded no outs batter hits into a triple play with no defenders touching the ball how does this happen?

Over the fence hit and three players out on appeal for missing bases.

The bases are loaded ther is one out the batter hits a fly ball to the 2nd baseman what rule is the rule?

Infield fly rule.

Bases loaded batter hits a ball and gets out on 1st 1st baseman throws it to home does the catcher have to tag?

absolutely. did this the other day.

If you have bases loaded and 2 outs and the batter hits the ball to the outfield and the man on 3 scores but the outfielder forces a runner out does the run count?


Is a batter given a hit if with bases loaded less than 2 outs batter hits ball in the air landing safely into the outfield but the runner on first is forced out at 2nd by the right fielder?


There are 2 baseball teams playing each other the bases are loaded and the batter hits a grand slam yet not a single man scores how is this possible?

All-American GirlsThe bases were loaded with women. A Women's baseball team.

When a batter hits a home run with bases loaded does he get credit for four rbi?

yes. also, if he hits a hr with no one on base he gets one rbi.

What do you call a 4 run home run in baseball?

When all three bases are loaded with runners and the batter hits a home run, this is referred to as a "Grand Slam".

How many runs should be scored when there are bases loaded 2 outs and the batter hits a grandslam home run but while running the bases passes the runner ahead of him between second and third?


With bases loaded and 2 outs batter hits a single the runner on 3rd fails to touch home on the way in from 3rd on appeal runner is called out is the hitter still credited with a single?

If he got to first before the out occured it is a single.

What is a Grand Slam in baseball?

Good qustion Jeppe. a grand slam is when the bases are loaded ( a runner is on First, Second, and third) and the batter/hitter hits a home run.

Does the catcher have to tag the runner coming home if bases are loaded and batter hits ground ball to third baseman who tags third before throwing home?


Does the runner on second have to run to third base when the batter hits the ball?

The runner only has to run if there is another runner behind him (bases loaded) or if there is a force at secoind base.

Bases loaded nobody out Batter hits a ball and the side is retired making three outs Nobody on the defensive team touches the ball How?

The lead runners could all have been passed by the batter before any of them touched the plate after the batter hit a home run. The three lead runners would all be called out.

Why doesn't a man score when the bases are loaded a batter hits a fair ball which lands outside the home run fence and all bases are touched by all runners?

It's an all girl game. Nice puzzle.

How can a team have 3 triples 1 double 2 singles and 2 stolen bases in one half inning without scoring any runs?

1st batter hits a ball to the outfield and is out at home trying to score. 2nd batter does the same thing. 3rd batter hits a double, 4th batter hits an infield single but the man on second is held at 2nd base, With 5th batter at bat the men on base pull off a double steal advancing to 2nd and 3rd base. the 5th batter also hits an infield single and the runners hold. Bases loaded. The 6th batter hits a long ball to the outfield, men on base advance toward home but in the jubulation they fail to touch home and await the 6th batter,who touches 3rd base and steps on home plate before the other base runners do and in then called out for passing the runners on the base. He is created with a triple and called out. 3 outs and the 1/2 inning is over.

Name 2 reasons why a batter will take a base on balls?

1. Bottom of the 9th, bases loaded. Take the walk, and win the game.2. You are down by a run and the batter behind you is a power hitter. If you get on and he hits a HR then your team is ahead.

'Grand Slam' is a term associated with which sport?

In baseball, a grand slam occurs when the batter hits a home run and all bases are loaded (occupied) resulting in the batter and all base runners reaching Home resulting in 4 runs for the team.

With the bases loaded and 2 outs a batter hits a slow roller to third base the runner from second gets in a rundown and before he is tagged out the runner from third scores is the run good?