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The batter is called a switch hitter.

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A batting stance.

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The answer is HITTER

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The batter.

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Q: What is it called when a batter can hit from either side of the plate?
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What is the place called where the next batter up stands?

it depends on if your left handed or right handed and how fast or slow the pitcher is throwing if you are right handed while facing the pitcher you stand on the left side of the batters box. right side if you are left handed. if it is a fast pitcher stand toward the back of the box to give yourself more time to read the pitch and swing at the ball. slower pitcher towards the front of the box if you are bunting stand in the front so if the ball goes straight down it wont hit the plate

Can a batter switch hit after a pitch has been made in MLB?

Yes, a batter can change from one side of the plate to the either during his at-bat, but he cannot do it once the pitcher is ready to pitch. Rule 6.06(b) states: A batter is out for illegal action when stepping from one batter's box to the other while the pitcher is in position ready to pitch.

Can a right-handed batter switch to left-handed during an at bat?

In a word, yes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The only stipulation in the MLB Rulebook is that the batter must declare what side of the plate he will bat from before the pitcher takes his stance on the mound. If, after a pitch, a batter wants to walk across the plate and take the next pitch from the other side, he may do so.

What is plain plate sprocket?

a flat sprocket that has no hub extension on either side

If a batters foot touches the side of the plate while swinging is the legal?

No. MLB Rule 6.03 states: "The batter's legal position shall be with both feet within the batter's box. APPROVED RULING: The lines defining the box are within the batter's box." Since home plate is not within the batter's box, touching the plate with a foot while swinging would not be legal.

When a batter switches boxes can he cross the plate or does he have to walk behind the Umpire?

Absolutely he can cross the plate if he wants to. The reason they walk behind the umpire is just out of common courtesy. When you step over the plate, you risk the chance of kicking dirt on it. The batter can only switch boxes if he is a switch hitter and a new pitcher comes in. Otherwise a batter must remain on the same side of the plate for the entire At-Bat.

What plates are on either side of the east pacific rise?

The pacific plate on both sides

Where is the fist plate?

The first base is on a diagonal line from the right side of the batter's box. In Major League Baseball, the distance from home plate to first base is 90 feet.

Why in restaurants small plate kept at left side and large plate on right side?

The one on the left is called as quarter plae and on right is called as full plate (Army Ettiquettes). Smaller plate is for bread and larger is known as dinner plate. Smaller plae is placed just above the tip of fork.

What are the dimensions of a softball batters box?

They are 2 rectangular 6' long by 4' wide areas in which the batter must stand. They are positioned 6" on either side of the plate, for right- and left-handed batters.Source: The Baseball Dictionary, Third Edition. Paul Dickson

What are the circles on either side of home plate?

I believe you are referring to the "on deck" circles. This is where the next batter up is to stand to warm up and take practice swings. ---- The circles closest to home plate are used in fielding practice and is where the coach stands to hit fungoes (ground balls and fly balls) to the fielders.

What is it called when the batter can hit from both sides of the base?

first its not a base its a plate. if they can hit from either side of the plate they are called a switch hitter i.e. 1. Mickey Mantle 2. Eddie Murray 3. Pete Rose 4. Tim Raines 5. Chipper Jones 6. Roberto Alomar 7. George Davis 8. Ted Simmons 9. Reggie Smith 10. Willie Wilson/Frankie Frisch and lance berkman