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A hat trick

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Q: What is it called if 3 goals are scored in an ice hockey game?
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Who has scored the most goals in one hockey game?

Joe Malone (7)

Who was the first person to ever get 50 goals in one whole season?

Any 3 goals, or more, scored by the same player in one hockey game is called a hat trick. Unofficially, 6 goals by the same player in one hockey game is called a double hat trick, but is a rarely accomplished feat in professional hockey.

Which player has scored the most goals in a single game of soccer?

Probably Darryl Sittler, since the question is posed in "Ice Hockey" category. Mr. Sittler scored 5 goals in a playoff game, and 6 goals and 4 assists in a regular season game for a 10 point total that has never been matched.

What is a mule trick?

In hockey, a Mule Trick is five goals scored by the same player in one game.

Most goal scored in recent NHL hockey game?

Johan franzen scored 5 goals against the Ottawa senators in 2011

Most goals scored in a single nhl game?

The most goals scored in a hockey ranks up to a 16-3 win for the Montreal Canadiens against the Quebec Bulldogs ( Quebec dos not have a NHL hockey team) on March the 3rd 1920

How do you write a number model?

the total number of goals scored by both teams in the field -hockey game was 15.Julie's team scored 3/5 of the goals.Julie scored 1/3 of her team's goals. How many goals did Julie's team score?

What hockey player scored 3 goals in 1 game?

MANY MANY players have scored 3 goals in a game. It's called a "hat trick."

What is a hat trick scored in one period of a hockey game called?

There is no different name for a hat trick if it is scored in a single period. However, if during the course of a game one player scores 3 goals in a row without any other players scoring a goal during that span it is called a "natural hat trick."

What was the most points scored in a game by a BlackHawk Hockey Player?

The answer is 7 by Grant Mulvey on February 3rd, 1982. He scored 5 goals and had 2 assists that night.

What team scored the most goals in a IIHF Hockey Game?

the record for the top division is when Canada beat Denmark 47-0.

What team never won a game in hockey in the 1960 Winter Olympics?

Australia. The 1960 Australian ice hockey team lost all 6 matches they played in. They were totally overmatched in the tournament as the fewest goals they gave up in a game was 11 and the most goals they scored in a game was 3.