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Q: What is head linesman referee Tom Stabile's number on his shirt?
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What does the number on a referee's shirt indicate?

So you can easily identify each ref. They also have a letter on the back of their shirt to indicate their position.

What do the numbers on the referee's shirt mean?

Its there age.

Where do hockey ref badges go on a ref shirt?

where do the badges go on the referee shirt for hockey

Where can you buy a NBA referee shirt?

The NBA apparel shop!

What does the letter on a referee's shirt indicate?

There are seven on field officials for a college football game: R - Referee U - Umpire H - Head Linesman L - Line Judge S - Side Judge B - Back Judge F - Field Judge Click on the 'Duties of Football Officials' link on this page to read about what responsibilities each of the officials in an American football game has.

What equipment does a linesman need in football soccer?

The assistant referee (or "linesman" as it is sometimes incorrectly called) wears a uniform shirt, shorts, and socks consistent with the referee. The AR also wears black shoes, sometimes with cleats or rubber grips on the sole. The AR will also have a flag, used for signalling when the ball is out of play and when an offside infraction, foul, or other misconduct has occurred. Most ARs will also wear a watch to keep a backup record of game time, red and yellow cards, a whistle, a notebook or score sheet, a pen, and a game coin (just as the Referee has all these things) so that he or she can take the Referee's place in the event of incapacitation. Finally, some professional leagues use a referee communication system, and so the AR will be equipped with this as well, if available.

What do the letters on the officials shirt for NCAA football mean?

The letter signifies the position (for lack of a better term) that the official plays. R - Referee U - Umpire H - Head Linesman L - Line Judge S - Side Judge F - Field Judge B - Back Judge

What job wears black pants and blue or yellow shirt?

Soccer referee

What are the stripes on the referee shirt for?

To make them stand out so everybody can see their beautiful shirts

What equipment does an assistant referee need for soccer?

An assistant referee DOES NOT need a whistle. They need a uniform (shirt, shorts, socks) and an assistant referee flag. That's pretty much it... oh, and soccer cleats will probably help!

What does the zebra represents in sports?

Typically the referee as many sports will have the ref in a black and white striped shirt.

Can a fan wear a referee shirt to a sporting event?

im pretty sure they can as long as they dont reff the game

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