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Golf insurance generally covers clubs and equipment and also injury on or off the golf course. You can find out more information here:

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Q: What is golf insurance and what does it cover?
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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover golf carts?


If you hit a car at the golf course with a golf cart is the damanged car covered under home owners insurance?

The golf course will have insurance to cover this sort of thing.

Is an individual golfer or the golf club responsible for damage if a ball hits a car on a road passing the golf club?

It all depends, if you are playing on a golf course as a member you will most likely have insurance, if you are a visitor, again insurance will most likely be built into the green fee. If you have paid insurance with the club you will be covered, and the insurance policy will cover any damage. If you however have not taken out insurance you will be responsible for the damage, as personal insurance policies do not cover this.

Who is liable for golf ball damage in Florida?

In the state of Florida, golf ball damage is usually the responsibility of the homeowner. They can purchase homeowners insurance that will cover damage occurring from errant gold balls.

Who has Responsibility for golf ball damage to property not on the course?

The Club will most likely have insurance covering all members and visitors. But if the player had no insurance you would have to see if the club will cover it, which they should.

Will home owners insurance cover you if you brake a window of another home when playing golf?

Yes. It would go under your liability coverage.

What type of insurance does Hartford cover?

They cover auto insurance, life insurance,homeowner's insurance, and also insurance on AARP endorsed products. They seem to cover all the basis for insurance needs.

What are some companies that offer golf travel insurance?

There are many insurance companies that off golf travel insurance for their customers. These companies include Travel Guard insurance, which is well known travel insurance company.

Does car insurance cover suicide?

Does vehicle insurance cover suicides

Does homeowners' insurance cover physical loss damage claims by car rental companies?

Homeowners policies do not cover damage to motorized vehicles (except lawnmowers, golf carts, off-road vehicles, electric wheelchairs). SOMETIMES there is coverage for boats & their trailers when stored in an enclosed building on the premises.

Do you use golf nets to cover your golf clubs when not in use?

Golf nets are not used to cover your golf clubs when not in use. Golf nets are used to stop the golf ball after you hit it. It is like a background stop for the golf ball. There are golf nets for indoor and outdoor use.

Which American companies offer golf cart insurance?

There are many American companies that offer golf cart insurance, example 'The American Modern Insurance Group', 'Foremost Insurance Group' and 'Progressive'.

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