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The Golf course will have insurance to cover this sort of thing.

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2010-04-19 06:42:21
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Q: If you hit a car at the golf course with a golf cart is the damanged car covered under home owners insurance?
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Can you make a claim on property owners insurance?

Yea, when the property is damanged fire, or natural calamities like flood, inundation, earthquake etc., the property owner covered under the property owners' insurance is at liberty to claims benefits from the insurer, subject to undergoing or adhering to various formalities as inscribed in the policy bond.

Non owners insurance- can you get registration tags?

NO, Non Owners insurance is seconday coverage. No pimary covered Vehicle is implied.

Is a damaged pool covered under home owners insurance?

It depends on your insurance policy

Is a stolen motorcyle covered under home owners insurance?

No. It covered under a motorcycle policy.

Is landscaping covered under home owners insurance?

No, Your homeowners insurance does not cover landscaping or lawn maintenance.

Is swimming pool vandalism caused by someone sliting it with a knife covered by insurance?

The damaged pool should be covered by home owners insurance if you had the pool added to the insurance for coverage

Does home owners insurance cover repair of garage doors?

If your garage doors were damaged by a covered peril as defined by your home insurance policy then the door would be covered.

Is money stolen from an ATM covered by home owners insurance?

No, Money stolen from your Financial Institution is covered by your Financial Institution

Dirt bike covered under home owners insurance?

Is a dirt bike covered under homeowner personal property?

If your air conditioner broke is it covered by your home owners insurance when they say it is wear and tear and is not covered?

Normal appliances are not going to be covered by home owner's insurance. An air Conditioning unit that doesn't work isn't going to be covered.

Your sisters car that you'd driving have insurance do you need to get non owner insurance?

You need to have your sister schedule you as an covered driver on her auto insurance policy to be covered. Non Owners Insurance will not cover you in any vehicle to which you have regular access.

Where can contents insurance be obtained for tools stored in a garage?

I have my contents covered on my home owners policy.

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