What is goal line technology?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Goal line technology is a technology that is being ivestigated to be used in football. It has come into the spotlight because of recent incidents where in games, the ball has crossed the line, but has not been noticed by the referee, and so the goal was not given. Sometimes when the ball crosses the line by a couple of inches before being hoofed out by a defender, it is difficult for the ref to see. Examples of this include:

  • Roy Carrol famously carried the ball over the line after a 50 yard shot by Pedro Mendes in 2005, with the score at 0-0 between Manchester United and Tottenham - the goal would have given Tottenham the win
  • Manchester United's Ryan Giggs slid the ball in in extra time of the 2007 FA Cup Final, where Chelsea's Petr Cech 'saved' the ball about a foot inside the goal line. The goal was not given and Chelsea went on to win the game. The goal would have seen Manchester United leading 1-0 with not much time left in the final
  • perhaps the most famous of all is Geoff Hurst's goal in the 1966 World Cup Final, which clearly did not cross the line and led to England winning the World Cup

The technology involves embedding the football with a microchip, and having sensors on the goal line, so the when the ball passes the goal line, the microchip will send a signal to the referee and he knows its a goal

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Q: What is goal line technology?
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Would technology in football ruin a passionate sport   Should it be limited to goal line technology only?

I think that goal-line technology is a great idea! but i think that should be it, because Frank Lampards ghost goal!

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barca fans lol

What is the name of the technology being proposed to resolve conflict on whether a ball crossed a goal line or not?

measuring tools

What does it mean if the ball is on the goal line but not over the goal line?

in order for it to be a goal the ball is to completely pass the goal line

What is the line that the goal rests on in soccer?

The goal rests on the goal line.

Was Geoff Hurst's World Cup Final goal over the line?

During the 1966 world cup, there was a controversial incident where Geoff Hurst scored a goal that may or may not have bounced over the line. In close analysis using modern technology, the ball was shown to have not gone over the line and the goal should have never been given.

How many yards is it from goal line to end zone?

It is 100 yards from goal line to goal line.

Will Fifa add goal line technology in the Premier League and World Cups football games?

They are working on it, so hopefully, soon.

How many N.F.L. footballs does it take to get to goal line to goal line?

A football is 11 inches long. There are 32 inches in a yard. A football field is 100 yards long from goal line to goal line. Therefore it would take 290 footballs to span from goal line to goal line.

The new dallas cowboy stadium goal to goal line?

Call it a guess but I'm thinking goal line to goal line is usually 100 yards

What is the overall goal of techonlogy?

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What is the purpose of a goal line?

The purpose of a goal line is to determine if the ball crosses it for a goal.