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It is 100 yards from goal line to goal line.

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Q: How many yards is it from goal line to end zone?
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How far is the goal post in the end zone?

10 yards from the goal line

How many yards is the end zone of nfl?

The end zone is 10 yards deep from the goal line to the end line. The width is 160 feet, same as the rest of the field.

How many extra yards is a field goal from the actual line of scrimmage including end zone yardage?

I believe it is: 10 yards (end zone) + 7 yards (from line of scrimmage) = 17 yards. to brady sucks;)

How big is the end zone in the CFL?

A CFL end zone is 20 yards from goal line to dead line and 65 yards wide.

What is the length of a football field?

From goal line to goal line, the field is 100 yards long. Add 10 yards for each end zone. In Canada, the field is 110 yards long from goal line to goal line, plus 20 yards for each end zone.100 yards or 120 yards if you include the end zones, which is 300/360 feet, and 3600/4320 inches.

What is the length of a full football field?

120 yards. It's 100 yards from goal line to goal line and then each end zone is ten yards deep for a total length of 120 yards

What is the playing field dimensions of a football field?

at each end is an end zone with a goal line 20 yards from the end of the field. how many yards long is the playing field between the two goal lines

How far is the goalpost from the thirty yard line?

The goal posts would be 40 yards away. The end zone is ten yards deep.

What is goal post distance from goal line?

The end zone on an American Football field is always 10 yards (9.1 m) long.

Any field goal kicker that kicked from a longer or shorter distance than 7 yards?

In modern NFL era, the shortest field goal could only be 17 yards. The Goal Post is 10 yards deep in the end zone and the holder is 7 yards from the Line of scrimmage. So if a team kicked from the goal line, the kick would be from 17 yards out.

How many yards are added to a field goal?

17 yards! 10 for the end zone and 7 for the long snap.

Where are the goal post positioned in the end zone in the NFL?

18-19 yards behind the 1 yard line

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