What is goal-kick in soccer?

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It is when the attacking team kicks the ball over the other teams end line, and usually the goalie takes a kick from the corner of the six yard box.

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Q: What is goal-kick in soccer?
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What type of kick is used by the goalkeeper in soccer?

Either a goalkick(from the line) or a punt (out of his hands).

Can a keeper score from a goalkick?


In football can you be offside from a goalkick?

No. A player cannot be offside directly from a goal kick.

How do you get the ball to lift and go far in a goalkick?

Swing your leg and kick it up but straight.

Can a football player be in an offside position when receiving the ball from a goalkick?

No. Goal kicks are specifically mentioned as exempt. So are corner kicks.

What sighnal is a indirect kick?

the ref puts his arm up in the air and keeps it their until it touches another player. if a goal is scored without it touching another player, it is a goalkick

What is the definition of goalkick in soccer?

A goal kick is performed when the ball completely exits the field across the goal line, last touched by an attacker, and outside the goal posts or above the cross bar (i.e. not a goal). The ball is placed anywhere in the goal area and is kicked by the defense to restart. The ball may not be touched by any player until it has exited the penalty area.

If the ball goes straight into the net from a throw in is it corner or a goalkick?

That would depend who took the throw-in. If the throw-in was by the attacking team, then the restart is a goal kick. If the throw-in was by the defending team, then the restart is a corner kick.

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soccer is boring

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