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Either a goalkick(from the line) or a punt (out of his hands).

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Q: What type of kick is used by the goalkeeper in soccer?
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What type of kick is used by the goal keeper in soccer?

Goal kick. Although he may kick it from his hand whens caught in active play.

What is the importance of the semicircle outside the penalty area in soccer?

It is used during the taking of a penalty kick to ensure that all players except the kick taker and the goalkeeper are both outside of the penalty area and are at least 10 yards from the spot where the kick will be taken.

How do you shoot a soccer ball on a Penalty Kick?

You should keep the ball still and kick it with a intention of putting it in a corner of the net, the tip of the foot should be used, and not the top as it will go up then. You should decieve the goalkeeper by looking the wrong side you want to kick.

What muscles are used to kick a soccer ball?

You use your hip and thigh muscles to kick the ball.

What agonist muscles are used in a soccer kick?

your muscle tissue

For the purposes of offside is the soccer goalkeeper included?

Yes, the goal keeper can be one of the two defenders used in the calculation.

What type of kick is used to perform the freestyle in swimming?

flutter kick

What type of kick is used to start a football game?

It is the kick off.

What are some good short sayings for soccer?

A common phrase used by coaches to educate soccer players is "When in doubt, kick it out!

What is some history on soccer?

Years ago before soccer was invented people used to kick around peoples heads. Now instead of human heads we use a ball to kick

How is muscular power used in soccer?

Its probably used in an explosive kick off or even an overhead throw.

What muscles are used in a soccer kick - Prime Mover - Antagonist - Fixators - Assisters?

Your mothers vajina bone

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