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The main sport of El Salvador is soccer

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What are el salvadors national bird?

The National Bird is the Torogoz

What is El Salvadors nickname?

el salvadors nickname is el?!?

What is El Salvadors' national flower?

It is the orchid of which there are 400 species.

What is el salvadors vegatation?


When was el salvadors flag adopted?


What are El Salvadors 3 main sports?

There are actually 4 main sports in El Salvador. The first is soccer. The second is volleyball. The third is baseball, and the final sport is basketball.

What countries are El Salvadors neighbor?

Honduras and Guatemala.

What are el salvadors main cities?

De Salvador

Who is el salvadors leader or leaders?

maurico funes

What is el salvador's climate?

El Salvadors climate is 12°C to 23°C

What is El Salvadors largest city?

San Salvador, its capital city.

Is El Salvadors population 90 percent mestizo?

85% to 90%

Why is El Salvador special.?

el salvadors special bcause it has so much beauty within the land.

What is the national motto of El Salvador?

what is el salvadors motto this is a very bad website because it can never find what i want them to i dont like this at all it is kind of stupid. acually not kind of is mostly stupid.

When was el salvadors independence?

El Salvador became independent from Spain in 1821 and from the Central American Federation in 1842

What are el salvadors natural resources?

Coffee, sugar, gold, electricity and iron qualify as such.

What is the mercantilist system role with el salvadors parent country?

Do you have Mr. Ventura as a teacher

What do the colors mean on El Salvadors flag?

The El Salvador Colours Means the White represent the Peace And the blue Represent the Ocean

Why did el salvador invade hondura in 1969?

because hondura had stolen many of el Salvadors resources killing many citizens

What do el salvadors speak?

They Speak Spanish & Some English They Just A Couple Diffrent Words.

What are el salvadors traditional dishes?

El Salvador most common food is pupusa everybody loves pupusas in El Salvador people say that El Salvador is known for pupusas

Whydid el salvador change its money from colon to US dollar?

because much of el salvadors history goes all the way to the u.s

What sport is Georgia's national sport?

georgia's national sport is basketball.

What are examples of el salvadors sports team?

baseball, swimming, track and field, handball, basketball, volleyball, and most popular would be soccer.

Is hockey the national sport in Canada?

Hockey is the national winter sport, but lacrosse is the national summer sport.

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