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Mexico is, as the statistics speak for themselves:

  • 27-03-35: Mexico 8-1 El Salvador
  • 18-02-38: Mexico 6-0 El Salvador
  • 28-03-65: Mexico 2-0 El Salvador
  • 07-06-70: Mexico 4-0 El Salvador
  • 12-10-77: Mexico 3-1 El Salvador
  • 15-02-78: Mexico 5-1 El Salvador
  • 06-11-81: El Salvador 1-0 Mexico
  • 04-04-93: El Salvador 2-1 Mexico
  • 18-04-93: Mexico 3-1 El Salvador
  • 08-06-97: Mexico 1-0 El Salvador
  • 05-10-97: Mexico 5-0 El Salvador
  • 19-06-02: Mexico 1-0 El Salvador
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Q: Who is better Mexico or el salvador?
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Who is better el salvador or Mexico at soccer?

Mexico, it has more victories over El Salvador but El Salvador is a good team but the better team (Mexico) wins

Who is better el salvador or Mexico?

Mexico is far better, as they have been to more world cups.

Where in Mexico is El Salvador?

el salvador is its own country south of Mexico

What country is better Mexico or el salvador?

Mexico is far better as they have been to more world cups.

When was the last time Mexico beat El Salvador?

The last time Mexico beat El Salvador was June 12,2012. Mexico had 2 and El Salvador had 1.

What time does Mexico vs el salvador play.?

What time dose mexico play Vs el salvador

When was the last time el salvador beat Mexico in soccer?

El Salvador last beat Mexico on April 4, 2007 by a goal difference of 2-1 in El Salvador.

How many times has el salvador beaten Mexico in soccer?

El Salvador has beat Mexico four times in Soccer.

Who won the El Salvador vs Mexico beach soccer match in Cancun?

el salvador

Is el salvador near Mexico?

No it is not

Is Puerto Rico better than El Salvador?

No! El Salvador is way better than P.R.

Who will win today Mexico vs salvador?

of course el salvador !

How did Mexico help El Savador with its independece?

El Salvador was part of Mexico during Mexico's independence war.

Which soccer team is better el salvador or Honduras?

El Salvador :D Im from there

Was Archbishop Romero from Mexico?

No he was from El Salvador

Is san salvador in Mexico?

No, Sansalvador is the capital of El Salvador in Central America.

Can Lucas get from Mexico to El Salvador by boat?

Yes. Both Mexico and El Salvador have shores on the Pacific Ocean. Mexico has also coasts on the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, so in order to reach El Salvador, any small-size boat has to pass through the Panama Canal.

Is El Salvador's military better then Mexico's?

Mexico has a military composed of 343,905 professional troops, while El Salvador has a military composed of 42,400 men.In case of being attacked, Mexico has the capacity to mobilize 48.88 million people fit for military service, while El Salvador has 2.45 million people fit for such endeavor.Mexico's military budget amounts for US$5.19 billion, while the Salvadorian military budget totals US$130.2 million.Clearly, Mexico has a better equipped, larger army than El Salvador.

Is el Salvador the worst team in soccer?

no el salvador is better than alot teams

How did El Salvador get its independence?

El Salvador gain its independence by having a war with Spain for freedom and when they did they went to Mexico and settled there for a little so even tho now they have their independence if it wasn't for Mexico EL Salvador wouldn't have freedom like today

What are the national capitals of Mexico El Salvador Honduras and Belize?

Mexico City, San Salvador, Tegucigalpa and Belmopan, respectively.

Which includes Belize Honduras and El Salvador?


Who shot salvador cabanas?

El ''J.J'' shot salvador cabanas in a bar in Mexico city.

When did el salvador beat Mexico in the azteca?

it's never happened. el salvador has never won at azteca stadium

What country borders both Mexico and el salvador?

Guatemala does.

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