What is eboue's arsenal shirt number?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Q: What is eboue's arsenal shirt number?
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Who wears the number 53 shirt for Arsenal?

Wojciech Szczesny wears the number 53 shirt for arsenal.

Who has worn the Arsenal number 8 shirt?

Arteta Now wears the number 8 shirt at Arsenal

What number does aaron ramsey wear for arsenal?

He wears the number 16 shirt.

Who has worn the no 6 shirt for arsenal?

Currently Laurent Koscielny is wearing the number 6 jersey for Arsenal.

Who was the last person to wear the number 6 shirt in arsenal?

your mum did

What number will andrei arshavin wear for arsenal?

Andrei Arshavin will wear the number 23 shirt.

Who took over the number 14 shirt after Thiery Henry in Arsenal football club?

The number 14 shirt was taken over by Theo Walcott.

Who has worn number 20 for Arsenal?

Lucasz Fabianski wears the number 21 on his shirt

Who wore the number 9 shirt for the Rangers in Richard Goughs Testimonial v Arsenal?

ally mccoist

What kind of fan might wear an Arsenal shirt?

An Arsenal shirt would generally be worn by a fan of the football team Arsenal. Arsenal is a London based football team. They would generally be more passionate than most.

Where can you buy the latest Arsenal away shirt?

You can buy the latest arsenal away shirt from most sport shops, or online shops such as Ebay, or

Who is number 9 for arsenal?

No one has claimed Fernando Torres' shirt yet.