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to get away from your opponent/the person marking you

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Q: What is dodging in netball?
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Which dodging techniques are used in netball?

sprint dodging

In netball define 'dodging'?

Dodging in netball is when you go from side to side behind your defender to try and get in front. This way you can get the ball.

Where can you see demos of dodging in netball?

go on

What is dodging in a netball game?

dodging is basically trying to get away from your defender so you are free to receive a ball

What is marking and dodging in netball?

different variation of marking and dogging

What are the type of dodging in netball?

Peel Dodge Half move Full moon

What are the advantages of dodging in netball?

The advantages of dodging in Netball is that when you dodge the person marking you gets confused as to where you are so then they lose their concentration! Also if you dodge around them you are able to retrieve the ball from your team mate and also your able to intercept a pass.

How is netball phsical?

netball is very physical it involves a lot of dodging, jumping, sprinting; it also involves alot of thinking and tatics.. hope that helps :)

How is speed needed in netball?

speed is needed in netball for when you have to run from one end of the court to the other, also for dodging the opposing teams so you can catch the ball.

What are some netball training drills?

There are a number of netball training drills. Some of the basic ones include passing the ball, running with the ball, dodging tactics, scoring and so much more.

How do you develop in running skill in netball?

Running drills are used by netball coaches to help develop running skills in players. Sprint dodging, shuttle runs, learning to pass while moving, and developing speed and accuracy are effective drills for netball.

What physical movements do netball centers do?

the sort of physical movements that take place are stop and start. the jumping in areas, that are unexpected, and the dodging are the movements that centers, usually play with/do.resource: i play netball and am a center.

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