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Decompression sickness the bends is a painful and potentially fatal malady an environment of high pressure to one of lower pressure.

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Q: What is decompression sickness or the bends?
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How do the bends relate to decompression sickness?

The bends is another name for decompression sickness. They are the same thing.

The bends are symptomatic of what?

The bends are also known as decompression sickness.

Another term for decompression sickness?

The Bends.

What is another name for decompression sickness?

The Bends

What is the bends also called?

Decompression sickness

What decompression sickness do scuba divers suffer from?

It is called "The Bends"

What is decompression sickness also called?

It is sometimes called the bends

How do you cure bends?

Decompression sickness, more commonly known as "the bends", can be cured by entering a decompression chamber where the nitrogen bubbles dissolved in the blood vessels can easlily dissolve.

What is the most pressure a diver can experience before getting the bends or decompression sickness?

The deepest depth that can be dived to (on air) and saturate and then surface without getting decompression sickness in general is about 20 feet (6 meters). This is known as the Minimum Bends Depth. Any depth greater than this depth can result in decompression sickness depending on the time underwater.

What are other names for the bends?

Decompression sickness (DCS) is the medical condition also called divers' disease, the bends, or caisson disease.

What gas is most directly responsible for the bends or decompression sickness that divers may experience?


The bends also known as decompression sickness is as painful condidtion that occurs in scuba divers who asend too quickly.?

If you wanted to know if this is true, then yes, this is the Bends.

How does decompression sickness affect the body?

how does decompression sickness effect the body

Which of the following is caused by trapped nitrogen gas in the tissues due to a rapid ascent from a scuba dive?

Decompression sickness (the Bends)

Does decompression sickness affect the bones?

Patients with decompression sickness may develop bone necrosis

Who gets decompression sickness?

Scuba divers who surface too quickly after a deep dive are prone to decompression sickness.

How do you cure the bends?

get into a decompression chamber immediately

What is another form of decompression sicknss?


How do divers handle The Bends?

If a diver gets The Bends, they should be put into a decompression chamber.

Can you get decompression sickness or the bends from breathing nitrogen?

From scuba diving? ... yes since that is what causes decompression sickness. But if your question is whether you can get DCI from just changing your gas at the surface from air (21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen) to a nitrogen enriched air (i.e. 15% oxygen and 85% nitrogen) without diving or ascending to altitude? ... then the answer would be no. The nitrogen increase is not enough to result in decompression sickness ... but you would would start feeling hypoxic from the lack of oxygen the more you lower the oxygen concentration.

What is the gas that causes decompression sickness?


What is decompression illness?

It is any illness that is related to a release of pressure from the body such as barotrauma .. baro (pressure) trauma (injury). It includes decompression sickness, but it is not limited to decompression sickness. It is also not limited to diving even though that is what is mostly thought of when discussing decompression illness or DCI.

What do divers call a bubble of gas formed in their circulatory system?

The condition where gas forms bubbles in a diver's system is known as decompression sickness, or more commonly referred to as, the bends. The only effective treatment to avoid severe pain and death is time in a decompression chamber.

How ar scuba diving and paraesthesia related?

dude.... same symptoms as DCS (decompression sickness or sometimes known as the bends) - go to the doctor IMMEDIATELY - do the NAVY Decompression procedures if advised... this COULD be very serious. don't mess around with it. go see a DOCTOR immediately

How does the solubility of a gas relate to decompression sickness or ''the bends''?

The less soluble the gas, the less it will contribute to decompression sickness for the given amount that is present in the body. However, different gasses enter and leave the body at different rates, so a less soluble gas like helium (less soluble, but a faster gas) can contribute more for a given period of time underwater.