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20 seconds

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Q: What is considered a fast time in barrel racing?
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Can you touch the barrel in barrel racing?

You may touch the barrel. If the barrel is knocked over, there is a time penalty.

Fastest time in barrel racing ever?


How do you win at barrel racing?

You win by having the fastest time.

What is the secret to barrel racing?

To Barrel race you have to go FAST! and on the first turn (1st barrel) u have to go on the left lead then switch between the first and second barrel. Tight turns help your time and you can't go to tight and knock a barrel because that adds penalty time. After the third barrel get your horse to go ask fast as you can. Of course control in key also (which how you make the turns as i said farther up.) you have to be able to change leads and make turns. I know a lot about barrel racing because I'm great at it and compete a lot.

If a barrel gets knocked over in barrel racing how much time is added?

In barrel racing 5 seconds is added for each nocked over barrel but in some contests if a barrel is nocked over its a dq and if u nock over all three its a dq

What is the fastest time recorded in barrel racing?

12.369 ever but it varies everywhere

What is a good barrel racing time?

depends on the size of the ring but an average time is 15.859 sec.

What is an average barrel racing time?

on a normal pattern, it is usually 16 seconds or less.. :)

What is the fastes barrel racing time?

12.321 seconds is the lowest ever.... but a girl named Amanda somthing won this yr at the 2011 barrel racing champs she got 13.56 fastest yet this yr

What is the fastest Barrel Racing time of 2005?

The fastest time I've seen so far for NBHA was 14.658

What is barrel racing about?

barrel racing is about you and your horse trusting each other. And going around all three barrels and getting really close to them without knocking them over... Your goal is to beat everybody out and get the best time.

Is 26 seconds a good time for barrel racing?

No, if you go to a competitive barrel race we run like 14-16. For a beginner that is okay however, you have to start somewhere! :)

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