What is carry in volleyball?

Updated: 12/7/2022
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if you it it with your palms up or if it appears to the reff that you caught the ball even for a nanosecond

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Q: What is carry in volleyball?
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Is a carry a legal hit in volleyball?


Can a volleyball player hold or lift or carry the ball?


Famous people that play volleyball?

karch kiraly is the greatest volleyball player in volleyball history.

In volleyball what is a carry and what happens when someone carry football?

a carry or lift is called when the ball remains in contact with a player for too long. (determined by the official) most often occurs on a set.

Where to find information on volleyball drills?

The best source to find information on volleyball drills is websites such as,, and These websites have a variety of information including types of drills and the appropriate length of time needed to carry out those drills.

Volleyball at the Olympics?

Yes, there is volleyball at the Olympics but it is only beach volleyball.

What is difference between Mini volleyball and volleyball?

A mini volleyball small and a volleyball is much bigger

What are the equitments in volleyball?

Kneepads,shorts,volleyball,volleyball net

Who likes to play volleyball?

volleyball players and people who like volleyball

Is a volleyball a olympic sports?

Yeah, they have regular volleyball and team volleyball.

What is another name for beach volleyball?

Sand volleyball, or outdoor volleyball

What is VSA in volleyball?

VSA in volleyball is a team. Volleyball of South Africa,or Volleyball of South Australia.That's as far as I have known...