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A rebound. If your team was on offensive it would be called an offensive rebound.

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Q: What is called when you acquire a ball after a missed shot in your front court?
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What is the half of the court which contains my basket called?

The front court.

Is missed a noun?

Missed is a noun, as an adjective can go in front of it, such as slightly missed.

What are the two front boxes in the tennis court called?

Its called middle square

What is moving the ball into the back court once it has been advanced to the front court is called?

Back Court violation.

Do you have to speak in front of everyone in the court?

If you are called upon to testify, you will have to speak from the witness stand in open court.

Moving the ball into the back court once it has been advanced to the front court is called what?

Backcourt Violation

What is the name of the half court that is closest to the basketball teams basket?

the offensive side is called the front court, the defensive side is the backcourt I.E. one teams front court is another teams back court

What is a back court violation?

A "Back Court Violation", sometimes called "over and back", occurs when an offensive player, while in control of the ball, crosses or touches the half court line only after the ball has been established in the "Front Court." The "Front Court" is a basketball team's offensive half of the court. The "Back Court" is a basketball team's defensive half of the court. After "in-bounding" the ball from or to the back court, dribbling the ball in the back court is allowed until the ball is established in the front court. The Ball is considered in the front court when a player controls the ball and both feet are past the half court line. Also, when a player is "Dribbling" from the "Back Court" to the "Front Court", the ball is not considered to be establish in the front court until both feet and the ball have entered the front court . Once the ball has been established in the "Front Court", an offensive player may play a ball in the back court only if a player on the defensive team controls, touches or knocks the ball in or to the back court otherwise it is a "Back Court Violation".

Where is front and back court?

opposing sides of the court

What does FTA Rearrest mean?

It means failure to appear in court. The person either missed court or did not know they had a court date. FTA means the person failed appear in court so theyrearrest that person who the rearrest was for. (Most of the time they had been arrested before and the rearrest means they missed the court date for a hearing for the first time they went to jail.) They also don't give bail a lot of the time when it's a FTA charge. They meet in front of the judge and get bail set or no bail and set free.

What is the difference between front court and back court?

Back court is the other team's basket, and the opposite way in which you are supposed to be going. Front court is the basket and half court you are supposed to be going for.

Can you inbound the ball into your back court from the front court?

yes you can

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