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Q: What is it called when a player controls possession of the ball off of a missed shot?
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Can a field player shield for the goalie?

Yes. As long as the field player is in possession range of the ball, the player can shield. However, if the player is not within possession range of the ball and tries to shield, he will be called for obstruction.

What is it called when you acquire the ball after a missed shot in basketball?

When one player grabs the ball after a missed shot in basketball it is called a rebound. The offensive orÊdefensive player can get a rebound.

What happenes if you missed a programme on itv but it's not on itv player?

tough. you missed it

What is the upper half of the bow called?

The upper half of the bow is called the tip. It is the end of the bow that is opposite to the frog, where the player controls the bow.

How many seconds is a player allowed to stand in their teams key for?

Three seconds and if they get called for the "3 in the key" the possession goes to the other team.

If a referee can not decide who has possession of the soccer ball how is it decided?

During active play it is possible that no one has possession. In that case, the first player to get to the ball now has possession.

Can a player block the base without possession of the ball?


What is the blue guy on Kirby's Epic Yarn called?

Do you mean the character that Player 2 controls? If so, his name is Prince Fluff.

Who was the Bengals player who missed the Super Bowl?

Stanley Wilson

If a player moves his pivot foot while in possession of the ball what violation is called?

A travel is called. You can move one foot while the ball is in your hands and you have not dribbled. Moving two will result in a travel.

Which player has missed the most amount of centuries in cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar.

Which NBA player missed the most shots in a season?

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