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I do not know what you are talking about. (second contrib.) this may refer to a tactical pattern used in soccer called a box or a square passing formation.

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Q: What is box soccer?
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In soccer how long does a player have to sit in the penalty box?

There is no penalty box in outdoor soccer. I believe there is for indoor soccer.

What are the penaltys in soccer?

A penalty is awarded in soccer for a handball in the box or bringing a player down in the box.

What is goalie box in soccer?

A box of full of sweaty goalkeepers.

How big is the soccer penalty box mini soccer?

iits small

Is there a crease in soccer?

No, everybody can be in the box.

What is a goal box in soccer?

The penalty area.

Soccer term that has x?

Penalty box.

What does the box in soccer mean?

There are no boxes on a soccer field. They would present a tripping hazard.

Where can goalie use hands in soccer?

Inside their box

Can a player score in the penalty box in soccer?


In Soccer what do you call it when you step inside the box?


Where is the Free-kick box in soccer?

goal area

What is freekick box in soccer?

you have asked the wrong question it's called a penalty box there is no such thing as a freekick box

What is a penalty box for soccer?

In indoor soccer, a player may be sent to a penalty box (like one used in ice hockey) for a yellow card offense. In indoor soccer, yellow cards are actually blue.

What is the goalie box?

it is where the goalie can use his hands in a soccer game.

What is the purpose of the 10 yard box in the soccer field?

It has to be the penalty.

Where is the penalty dot soccer?

It is marked in the centre of the big box.

What are 2 nouns that describe soccer?

field and goalie box

What does sh stand for in a soccer box score?

Shots on goal?

What do you put in the box for call of duty on PC?

a soccer ball

What is a striking penalty in soccer?

A penalty in football is given when there is a . handball in the box, a player is brought down in the box .

Can a High School soccer coach coach from the press box?

yes he can

How far is the goal line to the penalty box in soccer?

16 meters

Can an indoor soccer goalie bounce the ball?

Yes, as long as you are in the box.

Does the soccer ball have to leave the goalie's box for the opponents to attack and score?

no it does not.