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Penalty box.

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Q: Soccer term that has x
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Why do soccer players hate the term soccer?

Soccer/football players hate the term soccer as the correct and origanal name of the sport is football.However in America is called soccer as they have American football this is why the term soccer is disliked by the players

When was the term 'soccer' first used?

The term soccer was first introduce in 1880's

What does pitch mean in soccer?

The term pitch, when associated with soccer, means the soccer field. Pitch is another term for the field where the game is played.

What does the soccer term finishing mean?

The soccer term "finishing" means to finish the ball or to score.

What is encroachment in soccer?

"Encroachment" is a gridiron football term, not soccer.

How is football different from soccer?

In the English term, "football" means soccer. But The American term football is played with the hands And helmets on!

When did the term soccer officially change to football in Australia?

The term soccer officially changed to football on December 16, 2004

Soccer terms that have x in it?

Ajax professional soccer team

What are the places on a soccer field?

The postitons of a soccer feild are goal tender, defense, midfeild, left and right wingers, and the striker. These positions are located below: l X l X X X X X X X X X X

What is soccer term for guarding an opponent?


What phobia is the fear of soccer?

There does not appear to be a scientific term to specifically describe a fear of soccer.

Who invented soccer and basketball?

soccer is the US term for originated in England

A sports term that starts with r?

A term is receive which is used in soccer.

How would an aspiring young soccer player manage their life?

The term is Footballer not soccer player.

Is soccer like football?

soccer in an american term means football to the english.its the same thing.

What is the term for the place where soccer is played?


What do they call soccer in Japan?

The term for soccer in Japan is "sakkaa". The spelling in katakana is sa-tsu-ka-a.

What is the foul line in soccer?

I am a soccer referee and I have never heard that term before, I would imagine it is the sideline.

Who was the first soccer player to reach 100 games with their national soccer team?

Robbert Pattison x

Soccer teams beginning with x?


What is the slang term for soccer player?

toe head

What is the mathematical term used for a soccer ball?


How many countries call soccer the word soccer?

America, Australia, New Zealand, are some countries which use the term soccer rather than, as in the UK, football.

What athletes last name start with the letter x?

The soccer player Xavier played in the early years of international soccer.-JF

What is 2x multiplied by x squared?

2x * x^2 = 2x^3. Multiply the parts that are alike. The first term has a coefficient of 2, the second term has a coefficient of 1 (x = 1*x). The first term has variable x (which is x^1), the second term has variable x^2. Since they have the same base (both are x), we can add the powers together (x^2 = x * x, so x * x^2 = x * x * x = x^3)