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A Golf ball.

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Q: What is bigger a golf ball or an eyeball?
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Which is larger golf ball or ping pong ball?

There isn't a huge difference, but a Golf ball would be marginally bigger. Golf ball sized and ping pong size are mostly used to measure hail sizes. A golf ball is bigger but not by much. Inches. 1 1/2 Ping Pong Ball Size 1 3/4 Golf Ball Size

Is a lacrosse ball bigger than a cricket ball?

No, a cricket ball is much larger than a golf ball.

How tall is a baby chicken?

Slightly bigger then a golf ball.

What is eyeball?

An eyeball is a ball in your eye

What are 3 things that are the same size as a walnut?

Golf ball, ping pong ball

If a golf ball and a bowling ball are rolled toward each other when they collide and the bowling ball stops how does the golf balls speed compare with the bowling balls speed?

the golf ball stopped but the bowling ball keep rolling due to their different size and we know bowling ball is bigger in size as well as weight so it will face more fictin force and stops early as compare to golf ball when they collide and at the same time bowling ball poshes the golf ball the golf ball stops and the golf ball keeps rolling.

How big is a giraffe's neck?

An adult male giraffe's eyeball is around the size of a golf ball. Giraffes have long thick eyelashes, surrounding the eyeball.

Is a titleist golf ball or a bridgestone golf ball better?

It all comes down to personal choice. Titliest is a bigger brand and is preferred by a lot of top players.

How does density relate to a object sinking or floating?

Answer: It doesn't matter about the size, it matters about the weight. If an beach ball weigh .2280 grams, and a golf ball weighs 1.258 lbs., the golf ball will sink but the beach ball will float. Even though the beach is bigger than the golf ball.

How much bigger is the sun than a golf ball?

The sun is: 865,000 miles in diameterA golf ball is: 42.67 mm(865,000 miles) - (42.67 millimetres) = 1,392,082.56 kilometres

Which is bigger a golf ball or LA?

well it depends......or you can get off this website and stop wasting electricity!!!!!!

Is a infant eyeball the same size as adult eyeball?

No, an infant's eyeball is about 65 to 75% the size of a grown person's eyeball. They do get bigger, mostly before puberty.