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Definetely Kickboxing

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Q: What is better kickboxing or boxing?
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Can you use boxing gloves in kickboxing?

YES, because KICKBOXING consists of kicking and punching

What type of equipment is recommended for Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a type of boxing that originated in Japan. Kickboxing is unlike regular boxing because both the hands and feet are used. Some of the equipment recommended for this sport is a mouth guard, boxing gloves and shin pads.

Where can i take teen boxing or kickboxing classes in virgina 22015?

teen kickboxing classes in lynwood California

What is more dangerous kickboxing or boxing?

Kick boxing due to the fact that it is boxing with kicking added, so it is everything boxing is with added features.

What are the Types of Boxing?

Kick BoxingShadow BoxingTORP Boxing (it's a Harlem boxing form that is like kickboxing)Amateur boxingProfessional boxingAncient BoxingZui Quan (drunk boxing)

Which is better kick-boxing or boxing?

FWell boxing is pretty simple because in boxing you use your fist and their is less damage then kickboxing and boxing it's very hard to connect a proper punch to your opponents head or body because in a match you would have to keep one shoulder guarding your jaw or both hands up where your jaw is, and with kickboxing it is more dangerous but,you can keep your distance by using your legs but you need to be careful with kick boxing because your not just gaurding one spot.

Would Boxing and Taekwando make a good combination?

Some people may disagree, however what you are describing is Kickboxing. Tae Kwon Do is a kicking art....boxing deals with striking. Both are considered a Sport Art. Kickboxing.

How many games are approved for mpsc?

kickboxing,boxing,karati this play accpet for mpsc

Which is harder bharatanatyam or kickboxing?

bharatanatyam becuz it has many moves than kick boxing

Did Greeks do kickboxing in ancient times?

Not as we know it - perhaps, but they certainly had a boxing like sport.

Where can I take my children in or near Hillsboro, Oregon for kickboxing classes?

LA boxing is one of the better schools near Hillsboro, Oregon for kick-boxing classes. You may want to sit in on a few classes to figure out which will be best for you.

What is a good kickboxing workout for someone with bad knees?

Muay Thai kickboxing tends to focus on areas other than the knees and may be your best bet, if you really want to take up kick boxing. It is likely a better idea to simply take up regular boxing, as this takes focus away from the legs completely.

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