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Muay Thai kickboxing tends to focus on areas other than the knees and may be your best bet, if you really want to take up kick boxing. It is likely a better idea to simply take up regular boxing, as this takes focus away from the legs completely.

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Q: What is a good kickboxing workout for someone with bad knees?
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Are there any good benefits of doing a kickboxing workout and are kickboxing workouts good for all ages?

There are many benefits to kickboxing workouts, such as cardio, and overall balance for your body. Kickboxing can be dangerous but under adult supervision is okay for all ages.

Is kickboxing for women a good workout and what are the benefits?

Kickboxing is an energetic, cardiovascular workout. The legs are used almost exclusively in ways most women are not used to so the benefits in toning, trimming and strengthening are rapid.

What stretches are good to warm up for kickboxing fitness?

Kickboxing is a full body workout, so you will want to do stretches to target every area, including the stomach, knees, and arms. Try standing with your legs wide, and clasp your hands over your head. Lean as far to one side as you can, stretching your arms out, then repeat on the other side, then down toward the floor.

What is a good martial arts workout?

Kickboxing, karate, taekwondo, or any grappling martial art.

What is a good kickboxing place in Vaughan? Vaughan is a fantastic place to workout! Loads of fun and it is a very comfortable environment.

What types of exercises would typically be involved in a kickboxing workout?

In a good kickboxing workout there is a lot of core and fast paced cardio exercises. These core exercises included countless sit-up and planks. During the cardio exercises the jump rope is going to be your next best friend.

What are the health benefits of a kickboxing workout?

Good Things/Benefits:Builds confidence.Builds discipline.Improves cardiovascular health.Increases strength.Burns fat.Teaches self-defense.Builds stamina.Builds endurence.Teaches control over movements.Good exercise.Teaches good sportsmanship.Helps keep body fit.Reduces and relieves stress.Improves can aslo help the economy(gets people off the street and a chance to make a living, people buy tickets to see the fight,ect...).Bad Things:May cause injury.Conclusion:Kickboxing in general, is very beneficial to those who practice it. It builds many of the needed skills in life. In addition, it builds a healthy mind, body and soul. Women in particular can benefit from kickboxing. It teaches self-defense, which is a very good thing to learn because of today's modern situations among young people. On the down side, kickboxing may result in injury. However, people face injury in any sport. Because of padding and protection, kickboxing is among one of the safest sports out there! I have been taking kickboxing for quite some time now. My grades used to be the worst. But ever since I took kickboxing, I burned off all that stress and excess energy. My grades improved greatly. Even my gym grades! I made the honor roll and also went to a good high school. I would recommend kickboxing to anyone who wants to take an exciting, fun sport.

Where can someone find free videos that are good for an upper body workout?

Someone can find free videos that are good for an upper body workout online on websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion and many more. Many people upload these videos on those websites.

Where can I buy kickboxing gear? might be a good place to start looking for your kickboxing gear. They have it all and can ship it to you over night if needed.

Is it good to train in two different martial arts like Tae Kwon Do and kickboxing?

yes it will be good as it help each other as one can benefit the other. like if its two different martial arts but the same e.g striking like tae kwon do and kickboxing. for example tae kwon do will help in kickboxing, in tae kwon do it will help in kickboxing by giving the legs some flexibility and do some real damage with the legs, while kickboxing will help tae kwon do by giving you more endurance training and foot work. if you mean something like kickboxing and judo they will help each other in that kickboxing is good when you want to strike, move away from your opponent and keep your distance, and if that cant work atleast you got something like judo that will help you in close range when you feel that you cant strike, and will help you to get out of a situation when someone grabs you or want to take you down to the ground

Who has a really good kickboxing workout?

I don't know if it is near you but "9 round" are by far the best gym that does kickboxing. You get your first class free. There are no set class times, you have a trainer to help you with your 30 minute work out where you can burn 500 calories and they guarantee results. They even have an online nutritionist available and have locations in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Illinois.

Is kick boxing a good idea after recovering from an ankle injury?

Kickboxing classes can help you learn to defend yourself very easily in the outside world and is a good skill to know. Kickboxing is not useful for recovering an ankle injury.