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Soccer is better for endurance because you are having to build up stamina, whereas Ballet is a stop-and-start aerobic sport.

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Q: What is better for cardiovascular endurance soccer or ballet?
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How can soccer relate to cardiovascular endurance?

Playing soccer directly relates to cardiovascular endurance. The act of running around during a soccer game, and the action of kicking the ball, is helpful as a cardiovascular exercise.

What are 2 components that are health related in soccer?

Muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance

Why cardiovascular endurance is needed to achieve excellence in soccer?

because cardiovascular endurance is the most important component of fitness in soccer. a tough 90 mins of a game will require lots of energy. so if a player never gets tired in the full game and tries his hardest and will play very good and prob become the man of the match and that will show excellence!

Is ballet more dangers than soccer?

no it is not. Ballet is graceful and soccer is ruff.

What two body systems help you play soccer?

cardiovascular system mainly, which will help with your aerobic endurance (also, depending on your situation, anerobic).Also, your muscular system. :)

Who has more endurance a basketball player or a soccer player?


Why is soccer a healthy game?

Because soccer requires so much running, it works the heart and lungs and is thus a cardiovascular sport. It builds the endurance and strength of both organs which, as we all known, is very important to live healthy.

What sports rely on muscular endurance?

I play Soccer, Football, and run Track. Football you really dont need muscle endurance but for Track and Soccer you do.

Do soccer players take ballet?

Some soccer players do take ballet classes. I have a peer dancer who is a national soccer player and he takes ballet classes a few times a week. Other athletics such as football players have also been known to take a few ballet classes.

Which sport requires more endurance between soccer and boxing?

Boxing: It was a lot of weight training, and cardiovascular work. And has some sacrifices along with it. Soccer: Much of cardiovascular work, and some weight training (body weight recommended:Push-ups, sit ups etc.) You make the judgement. They are both very arduous and come with challenges such as any other sport. :)

Which takes more endurance wrestling or soccer?


What can you get from playing soccer?

There are many health benefits such as increased cardiovascular health, stengthening of muscles, improved coordination, and better problem solving capabilities.

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