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Q: What is better NBA or college?
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Is NBA and college basketball the same?

NO!!! college basketball is college... nba is pro..!

How many college basketball teams are there in 2009 in the nba?

Obviously, there are only NBA teams in the NBA, not college teams.

How will you get drafted on to the NBA?

To get drafted into the NBA, you have to be very good at basketball. You have to stand out to NBA scouts, and NBA teams will look at your statistics. You have a better chance of making it into the NBA if you go to college, but people like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant went straight to the NBA from high school.

Which is better NBA live 09 or NBA 09?

NBA live 09 better features better online play

What is better NBA live 10 or NBA 2k10?

NBA 2k10 better graphics and more realistic :)

Which is better NBA live or NBA 2k?

Nba 2k is better because in nba live you don't have a better mycareer because you can compete better against players and it shows you what level of a 2k gamer you are. If you hit legend in my career, it shows that you one of the best players in the world. Because most 2k players play my career.

What is better nba 11 or 2k 11?

NBA 2k is better

How many college years does it take to become an NBA coach?

You don't have to coach college to coach NBA

Are nba rims wider than college rims?

Basketball rims in the NBA are the same as college rims.

Which is better NBA 10 The Inside or NBA 2k10?

NBA 2k10 is better for all the systems

Why did the nba ban dunking?

no that's was college ball not nba

What is better NBA live 09 or NBA 09?

NBA 09

Which is better - NBA 2K10 or NBA Live 10?

i think NBA n210 is better but i didn't play live 2010

Is NBA live 09 the game better than NBA live 10?

No i think that NBA live 10 is better.

What college did NBA player Chris Andersen play for?

NBA player Chris Andersen played for Blinn College.

What college did NBA player Jared Dudley play for?

NBA player Jared Dudley played for Boston College.

What college did NBA player Reggie Jackson play for?

NBA player Reggie Jackson played for Boston College.

How do you make the NBA?

You had to been playing the NBA in high school and college and if they draft you then you go to the NBA

What does it take to get into the NBA?

If your a good college basketball player (or on rare occasion high school), NBA teams will look at you and can draft you in the NBA draft (when all the NBA teams pick players from college or highschool).

What do you have to do to be eligible for the NBA draft?

To be eligible for the NBA draft, you have to notify the NBA by e-mail and have either been in college at least 1 year or, if you haven't gone to college, must be 19.

Will NBA 2K13 be better than NBA 2K12?

nba 2k13 will be better than 2k12 because 12 is very boring

What is better NBA 2k9 or NBA live 09?

NBA live 09 better graphics and game play

Is NBA 2k10 better or NBA live 10?

I like NBA live 10, just because it has better movement that is fluid.

What do you have to go through to get to the NBA?

To go to the NBA you have to get through college and hardwork .

What is better NBA live 09 or NBA 2k9?