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no that's was college ball not nba

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Q: Why did the nba ban dunking?
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What years did the NBA ban dunking a basketball?

Dunking has never been banned in the NBA. Dunking was banned in college ball between 1967-1976. It was thought that the ban was aimed at Lou Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) to keep him from completely dominating the game. In interviews, John Wooden discounted this saying that the NCAA outlawed the dunk due to safety concerns from players hanging on rims and breaking backboards.

What year was dunking allowed in the nba?


When was dunking a basketball made legal in college basketball?

Dunking was officaly banned in college basketball in 1967. The dunking ban was stopped in 1976 and dunking has been allowed probably forever.

Where are the nicknames of NBA players listed?

Dirk : the dunking Dutchmen

Which NBA player went by the nickname The Dunking Dutchman?

rik smits

Did the NCAA ever ban dunking?

YES! It was becoming too easy to score with dunks.

Did the NBA ever ban dunking the baskerball?

yes, for 3 weeks, towards the end of the 1997-1998 season, the dunk was banned, the thought being that it was too aggressive and was in poor taste. it was reinstated just in time for the playoffs.

Who has won the most NBA dunking contest in history?

Nate Robinson, 3 (2006, 2009, 2010)

What are the game codes for nba live 09 for xbox 360?

SPRITSLAM(must be in all caps) DUNKING and DROP SHOT

What is the only sports league to ban corporate ownership?


How do you get your nickname show after a gamebreaker in NBA Street V3?

A level 60 or higher dunking stat usually earns you the special nicknames.

When did dunking start in the NBA?

The NBA gives credit for the first dunk to George Mikan of the Minneapolis Lakers in 1961. The dunk has always been a legal shot in the NBA. However, college basketball banned the dunk from 1967-1976.

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