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Kink makes a great bike. They are very strong. You can pick up a Mongoose at Walmart... you decide

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Q: What is better Kink bikes or Mongoose bikes?
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Are the dk bikes better then the kink bikes?

it depends on what frame you get

Are mongoose bikes good bmx bikes?


Are sapient bikes good?

Sapient bikes are a wonderful beginner bike for young BMXers.....much better than mongoose but not as good as Sunday

Who invented the mongoose bike?

For something to count as an invention, it has to be functionally new. And there is nothing special about Mongoose bikes in that way. They're made just like other bikes, they use the same materials as other bikes, and they work just like other bikes. It would make more sense to ask either "who founded the Mongoose bike company", or possibly "who designs Mongoose bikes.

Is a Hoffman's bike better than a mongoose bike?

Well it depends on the year of the bike and what you are looking for. Older Mongoose ( pre-2000) were decent bikes. Now they arent that good so no doubt Hoffman is the better bike.

Is mongoose a good brand of bmx?

It's ok I have one. The only problem is that it's kinda heavy so I suggest you use it for vert rather then street. But otherwhise really, really exilent!!!! I love mine but the brakes suck like a vacume!!!!!!

Which is a better bike mongoose or schwinn?

Both Mongoose and Schwinn make a wide range of bikes. It's not possible to tell which brand is best w/o knowing which model you are thinking about.

Top ten bmx bikes?

1. Sunday Bmx 2. We The People 3.Fly Bikes 4. Fit Bikes 5. Colony 6. Eastern 7. Haro 8. Giant 9. DK 10. Forgotten 11. ABD 12. Stolen 13. GT 14. Kink 15. Norco 16. 2 Hip Bikes 17. Hoffman 18. Mongoose 19.Subrosa 20.DiamondBack

Is airwalk better than mongoose?

I think so my mongoose bmx sucks and I want to get the airwalk end2end dirtjump bike because the big brands even mongoose are expensive but airwalk is decent priced not cheap but decent less than most Kijiji bikes

Deciding Between Mongoose Bikes and Generic Bikes?

Mongoose bikes are a great brand name for bikes, but they can often be prohibitively expensive for people that are on a bit of a budget. Because of this, you should really put some thought into your next bike purchase. While it may seem like spending the extra money is worth it at the time, there are many different "generic" brands out there that offer the same level of quality that Mongoose bikes can offer you.

Are GT bmx bikes good and what are other good companys?

not much but wtp or kink are

What are some Mongoose bikes recommended for urban cycling?

Mongoose manufacture a range of urban bikes suitable for both men and women. The range is called "Crossway" and there are seven models within the range.