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Q: What is average time college softball home to 1st base?
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How far is it from home to first base in college softball?

84 feet 10 1/4 inches

The distance between home base to first base on a softball field?

60 feet

What are RBI s in girls fast-pitch softball?

when theres a base runner on a base.. the batter hits the softball and trys to get to a base while the base runner at 3rd or 2nd run home and get a point

How far from home plate to 1st base in softball?

60 feet

What Number of bases are there in softball?

Three. First base, second base and third base. Home plate is not a base.

Why is home plate is not a base in softball?

it is as you have to go on it to get home Are you saying it IS considered a base in baseball? Don't understand what you are trying to ask; occasionally you will hear someone refer to it as "home base".

How far is first base from home plate in girls softball?

60 feet

Which dugout is home for ASA softball?

The dugout on the first base side is always home no matter what league you are in.

How far apart is 1st base from home plate on a softball diamond?

60 feet

What is the distance from home plate to first base in collegiate ladies softball?

60 feet

How do you steal in softball?

Wait for the pitcher to throw the ball home then run for the next base.

Good time for running from home plate to first base in college baseball?

above average: 4.2 average: 4.3 below average: 4.4 poor: 4.5