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Q: What is auburn ranked now in the sec football?
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What is Auburn ranked in the SEC football?

auburn is ranked number one with an undefeated year with 8 wins ..... war eagle

What SEC team has most SEC wins all time in college football?


What does SEC mean in college football mean?

The meaning of SEC in college football is South Eastern Conference. Teams in the SEC include Alabama, Tennessee, and Auburn.

What is Auburn's football record against sec teams?

won 45 lost 10

What was highest score in a SEC football game?

Auburn 65 Arkansas 43 Oct. 17,2010

What teams are in the sec west?

Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, LSU, Mississippi, and Mississippi State are the teams in the college football sec west division.

Does auburn have a football team?

Yes. They are in the SEC conference. They aren't very good because LSU, Alabama, and Florida are also in the same conference as Auburn.

The 2006 Florida lose of sec was to who?


How many sec championship do auburn have?


When has auburn been ranked number one?

Auburn finished the 1957 season as no. 1 in the AP poll, and was the school's first national championship. The Tigers are currently the reigning national champions (2010), and are ranked no. 1 in both the AP and Coaches polls. Auburn has also been ranked no. 1 by other various polling organizations, such as Billingsley Report, National Championship Foundation, New York Times, and FansPoll. The 1913 team (9-0; SIAA Champions) was retroactively ranked no. 1 by Billingsley Report. The 1983 team (11-1; SEC Champions) was ranked no. 1 by a computer system used by the New York Times. The 1993 team (11-0) was ranked no. 1 by the National Championship Foundation. The 2004 team (13-0; SEC Champions) was ranked no. 1 by FansPoll.

Who won the 2009-2010 sec tournament?

The Auburn Tigers are the current SEC champions.

How many SEC championships has auburn won?


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