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That is the nickname for the triple jump.

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triple jump (:

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Q: What is another name of hop step jump?
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Name the sport formerly called hop-step-jump?

The triple jump

The triple jump event involves a hop a jump and a?

the order is HOP STEP JUMP

What is the meaning of triple jump?

Hop, skip and a jump or hop, step, and a jump

What comes first in the triple jump?

The hop then the step and jump.

What 3 movements must an athlete perform to successfully complete a triple jump?

Hop, step then jump. The hop involves landing on the same foot that was used for take-off, the step lands on the opposite foot and the jump finishes in the sandpit (normally a two-footed landing).

What three jumps a person has to do to complete a triple jump?

they have to hop, step, jump

What is tripple jump?

Triple jump is a running hop, step (or skip), and long jump in that order.

What did the triple jump used to be known as?

In Scottish Lowland and Highland Games the triple jump was known as the hop, skip and leap. Elsewhere it was known as the hop, skip and jump or the hop, step and jump. The triple jump rules used to be such that two hops and a step were allowed, this meant the athletes could use their strongest leg for each of the three phases.

Triple jump is sometimes reffered to as?

I think some people will call it hop step jump or mistakenly, long jump.

Triple jump was called?

A running Hop, skip, and jump.---------------------------------------------------------------- In Scotland's lowland games, where much of the event's initial documentary evidence is from, it was known as the hop, skip and leap. It was known as the hop, step and jump for a long time officially.

What are triple jump fitness components?

mainly cardiovascular endurance, then depending on the distance, muscular endurance

How much meters he had cover in his hop step and jump of the world record?

It shud be many metres not much