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Technical Foul

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Q: What is an unsportsmanlike conduct foul called?
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What type of foul can be called on a player for bad conduct?

unsportsmanlike conduct

What is unsportsmanlike foul?

Tech Foul

What is an example of a technical foul?

Unsportsmanlike conduct, i.e. Slamming the ball on the floor, fighting, arguing with refs, etc.

What is the penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct?

15 yards.

What kind of foul can be called on a player in basketball with bad conduct?

Technical Foul

What foul can be called on a player for bad conduct in basketball?

A Technical Foul

Are you allowed to smash the catcher in kickball?

NO. Unsportsmanlike like conduct.

A player may receive a foul if she does what?

Makes contact with another play, while the offensive player has the ball or is shooting, or for unsportsmanlike conduct. Apex: Breaks the rules of a game

This type of foul can be called on a player for bad conduct?


What is the penalty for diving into the endzone in HS football?

Unsportsmanlike conduct, 15 yard penalty on the try or the kickoff. In College, this rule was just changed so that it is a spot foul and the TD will be taken off the scoreboard.

What is the signal when a football coach boots a player from the game?

Misbehavior in sports is known an unsportsmanlike conduct. A football coach or referee can signal unsportsmanlike conduct by holding their arms outstretched with palms facing downward.

Kinds of fouls in basketball?

Blocking foulCharging foul (also called offensive foul)Reach-in foulTechnical foul (only given out if the player is acting out of conduct)Loose-ball foul (also called "Over the back foul")

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