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Q: What is an ultra lite shaft in golf?
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What is shaft in golf?

Shaft is the handle of the golf club.

When did Ultra Golf happen?

Ultra Golf happened in 1991.

Are chargers for tocco lite and tocco lite ultra the same?

Yes they are

When was Ultra Golf created?

Ultra Golf was created on 1991-11-01.

What is the sugar content in ultra lite beer?


What is a bubble shaft on a golf club?

it is a taylor made golf shaft that has a smaller dia at the bottom of the grip .

Is Ultra-lite Luggage connected with Samsonite Luggage?

I seem to recall that at one time Samsonite had a line of luggage called Ultra-lite (or Ultra-Light), but today many companies call their luggage "lite", or "light", or "ultra-lite", etc. But do not believe the claims. Weigh the luggage yourself and compare. Most rolling luggage will be about the same. If you want real light weight luggage look for a hard-side polycarbonate piece of luggage.

Does the shaft on a golf club have to be specificly right handed?

No, a golf shaft will fit both right and left handed clubs.

Is the kujikura shaft a good shaft?

Do you mean Fujikura? If so, then yes, Fujikura make some of the best golf shafts in Golf.

What is the value of rugger m77 270 ultra lite?

100-500 or so

What does an Aldila golf club shaft do?

Nothing it is a brand of shaft, the specs in all shafts differ

How do you restore broken golf shaft back to original length?

Reshaft it with the proper length shaft, you local golf shop or professional should be able to do it for you easily and cheaply.