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an overhead is when the other person hits a high ball in the air and then you go and swing your racket down on the ball so it hits it.

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Q: What is an overhead in tennis?
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How do you do an overhead shot in stick tennis?

Press S and appropriate arrow key

Name 5 tennis shots?

ok: here we go: forehand. backhand. serve. overhead. volley.lob. just to name a few ;)

How many strokes are there in tennis?

2, forehand and backhand. There are other shots though too like volleys, serves, overhead, and dropshots.

Can net be crossed during tennis overhead?

Yes as long as you do not touch any part of the net while the point is being played. simple :)

Is an overhead serve allowed in table tennis?

No, you have to either do a backhand or forehand serve behind the table and the ball has to bounce on both sides of the table.

What force do the players use while playing tennis?

the serve,the forehand drive,the back hand drive,overhead smash and top spin volley

How can you improve your overhead shot in tennis?

The Overhead. It's a shot in tennis that many people flub. They miss it because either a) They try to hit it too hard or b) They are in the wrong position or c) BOTH! Timing is critical so try these two activities to help your Overhead become a winning shot. Work on Overhead timing - Begin at the middle of the service line. Have a partner hit you an overhead shot. Run up and hit the net with your racquet BEFORE you hit the overhead. The catch is that you can only start running towards the net after your opponent hits the ball. Do this drill a few times and you'll work on your fitness level as well! Work on Overhead positioning - Often your opponents will try to hit a passing shot by you while you are at the net. Doubles players may try to sneak a return down the alley, just out of your reach. Step forward towards the ball in a diagonal fashion when your opponent does this. Do not side shuffle because you lose time and won't be able to cover as much tennis court. Begin next to the service line on the outside left alley. Have your partner hit you three volleys. Each volley will make you run farther and farther down the court. After the third volley, your partner will hit you an overhead. Hit the overhead focusing on your foot and body position. Play out the point. Do this exercise 7-10 times. Try these drills to improve your Overhead shot in tennis.

How do you calculate overhead rate?

Overhead rate : Overhead rate = total overhead cost / direct labor OR Overhead rate = Total overhead cost / machine hours.

What are the basic skills used in tennis?

forehand, backhand, serving, scoring(15-30-40-duce-add in/out.....)sprints, back peddle, volley, overhead, approach shot

What are athletic words beginning with o?

Open stance, overhead, out and overwrap are tennis terms. Odd man rush, offside and overtime are hockey terms. Oche is a darts term.

Why the shadow is shortest at noon?

Because the light source (the sun) is directly overhead. Test it out. Get a flashlight and a tennis ball or something similar. Illuminate it from different angles and observe the shadows.

Is overhead an adverb?

Overhead can be an adverb. But it can also be an adjective or noun. Planes flying "overhead" would be an adverb. Overhead wires would be an adjective. The overhead of a business would be a noun.

What is the antonym for overhead?

The antonym for overhead is under

What is combined overhead variance?

Combined overhead variance = fixed overhead variance + variable overhead varianceFixed Overhead :which remains fixed and donot change upto certain level of productionVariable Overhead: which keep changing with the change in production units.

What is the OHV Engine?

the lifters are on the overhead of the engine the lifters are on the overhead of the engine the lifters are on the overhead of the engine

How do you determine the overhead rate when applying overhead costs?

Using direct labor hours: Overhead rate = Total Overhead Expenses /Direct labor hours Using Machine hours: Overhead rate = Total Overhead Expenses /Machine hours

What the meaning of blanket overhead rate?

Blanket overhead rate is the computation of a single overhead rate for one whole factory. Overhead rate is the percentage you get when comparing total overhead expenses to total expenses.

What is factory Overhead applied?

what isfactory overhead applied

How do you fill the overhead tank automatically?

Overhead tank of what?

What is Applied manufacturing overhead?

what is factory overhead applied?

What is the purpose of overhead projector?

to project overhead on to the wall

Is overhead a adj adv noun verb?

The word 'overhead' is a noun, an adjective and an adverb.Examples:We put our coats in the overhead. (noun)This cost goes into overhead expenses. (noun)The ball flew overhead and out of sight. (adverb)

What is the official name of tennis?

The official name for tennis is 'tennis'. The official name for tennis is 'tennis'.

Kinds of services in the game volley ball?

(a)Simple service(b)Tennis service(c)Round service(d)Side arm floating service(e)Overhead floating service

Applied overhead vs actual overhead?

APPLIED Overhead is computed using the predetermined overhead rate and is the amount of costs applied (or estimated) to be allocated (needed) for specific jobs. ACTUAL Overhead is found after the manufacturing process is complete which gives the actual amount of used/consumed resources (or total costs) that it needed to complete the job. The two amounts can then be compared afterward which is known as Under- or Overapplied Manufacturing Overhead. When Manufacturing Overhead has a DEBIT balance, overhead is said to be UNDERAPPLIED, meaning that the overhead applied to work in process or to the certain job is LESS than the overhead incurred. On the contrary, when manufacturing overhead has a CREDIT balance, overhead is OVERAPPLIED, meaning that the overhead assigned to work in process or to the certain job is GREATER than the overhead incurred.