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There are no subtitutes in Badminton.

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Q: How many sustitutes is in badminton?
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How many officials are needed in a badminton game?

there are 4 different officials in badminton

A badminton game goes to how many points?

badminton goes to 21 points.

How many players are there in a badminton?

Badminton is played like tennis...... either singles or doubles

How many servings are there in badminton?


How many times has Australia has won a gold medal at badminton in Olympics?

3 gold medals in badminton

How many officials in badminton?

ther is 5

How many wings are in badminton shuttle?


How many scores are the re in a badminton game?


How many officials are involved in a game of badminton?


How many player's can play badminton?

Only Four

How many players are needed for badminton?

Singles or doubles.

How many feathers are there in a badminton cock?