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Bumping the volleyball is when you put your hands together and one hand is over the other and there is a little space between your arms and when the ball comes to you, you bend down a little and bump it up.

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it is when you just hit the ball with one wrist, like putting your arm out to get it and you hit it, it doesn't hurt so don't be afraid to hit it.

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Its when you have you're hands in the hair making a diamond-like shape.

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Q: What is an overhand bump in volleyball?
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What are the five skills ofa volleyball game?

block, set (volley), bump(pass), serve (underhand and/or overhand),and spike

What is an overhand position in volleyball?

a spike

Most popular technique in volleyball?


What volleyball technique is used to hit the volleyball when the volleyball travels below the waist?

You should pass (bump) the volleyball when it is below your shoulders. You will get the best contact with the volleyball this way.

What is overhand serve in volleyball?

overhand serve is when you throw the volleyball directly in front of you then lift your arm up hit the center of the ball with as much force as possible

When serving can you alternate underhand and overhand when it your turn to serve in volleyball?

of course you can!. . .

What are the names of the two passes used in volleyball?

The skill of passing involves fundamentally two specific techniques:The underarm pass, or bump, where the ball touches the inside part of the joined forearms or platform, at waist lineThe overhand pass, where it is handled with the fingertips, like a set, above the head.Either are acceptable in professional and beach volleyball, however there are much tighter regulations on the overhand pass in beach volleyball.

What are the two or three kinds of of service in volleyball?

underhand, overhand, and jump serve

What are the three basic strokes used in handball?

bump pass, set pass, set, serve, hit, backset

Pass in volleyball?


What is the pass in volleyball?

A Bump.

How do you say volleyball bump in French?

The volleyball bump is "la manchette" (feminine noun, from manche - sleeve) in French.