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A defensive inning (1/2 inning actually) is when the players are in position in the infield and outfield with the defensive pitcher throwing the ball to the catcher trying to not have the batter (offensive Player) hit the ball.

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Q: What is an innings at defence in softball?
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How long is a softball?

7 innings

How many innings are in softball game?

7 innings unless there is a mercy rule

When does softball end?

softball has 7 innings in less a tie then they play more innings if one team is winning by a lot they have the mercy rule and they call the game

How many total innings are in a 16 inch softball game?

usually about 7 innings

What is themost innings played in a softball game?


What is the main aim of softball?

The main of softball is to have the most number of runs at the end of the 7th innings

How long is a fast pitch softball game?

7 innings.

How many innings can you have in a softball game?

There could be 3-9 winnings . LOL i love softball Hamm:)

In fast pitch softball how long can a pitcher pitch?

4 innings.

How many Innings softball?

3 bases and 1 home plate.

How many endings are there in girls softball?

There are anywhere from 5-7 innings

How many many innings are in a regulation softball game?

about 6