What is an fact about golf?

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25% of golfers in the world are women.

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Q: What is an fact about golf?
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Is this an opinion or fact Basketball is more interesting to watch than golf?

Is Basketball is a much more exciting sport than golf

What is one fact about golf?

When you play it on the WII its so fun! :)

What year did golf become a sport?

well golf is not a sport it's a game not a lot of people know that for a fact your welcome Kadeem

Will carpet tape work to put golf grips on golf clubs?

Yes. As a matter of fact, many golfers used it to make a strong grip on clubs.

Did golf evolve from bowling?

goerge lucas said you were not nice to him so he does not like in fact he hates.

How much money do Americans spend on golf balls a year?

According to Snapple Fact #154, "Americans spend more than $630 million a year on golf balls."

Is it okay to bring a toddler to a miniature golf course?

It certainly is okay to bring a toddler to a miniature golf course. However, keep a close eye on him so he does not go onto others courses. In fact, you can teach him the aspects of miniature golf.

Is golf considered a Fitness exercise?

Golf is not consider a healthy hobby. In fact most habitual golfers are overweight. People seeking exercise are advised to find an alternative to golfing such as tennis for instance.

Who can become a member of Portuguese Golf Federation?

If you are a member of a golf club in Portugal you need to pay the annual Federation fee of about €50 - your golf club Secretary will arrange this and it is now the duty of all Portuguese golf clubs to ensure that all members are affiliated. Your membership benefits include personal golf insurance, reduced green fees and the fact that your handicap will be managed and regulated by the FPG in Portugal.

What kind of sports equipment would Bettinardi buyers appeal to?

Bettinardi is a company that produces mainly golf putters. Because of this fact, their buyers are most likely golfers. Therefore, they would appeal to golf equipment.

Has the Handheld Golf GPS been around long?

The handheld golf gps has not been around very long. In fact, all gps systems have only been around a little over 30 years.

what are characteristics of a golf ball?

Golf balls weigh 1.62 oz., and a diameter of 1.68in, and they have between 300 to 500 dimples. It all depends on the manufacturer; fun fact one ball was created with 1,070 dimples.

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