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A rally is defined as: A series of return hits of the ball that ends when one or other player fails to return the ball within the court boundary or fails to return a ball that falls within the play area.


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Q: What is an extented point in tennis called?
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What is the first point in tennis called?

its just called a first point.

What is the final point in tennis called?

Match point

What is the winning serve in tennis called?

Match point

Tennis the first stroke of any point is called what?


What is it called when the receiving team has the advantage in tennis?

If at any point in the game where the receiving team has a break point (or Advantage in Ad-Scoring after a deuce), then it is called a break point.

What is freezing point and melting point of a tennis ball?

freezing and melting point of a tennis ball

Is bang a point in table tennis?

point is a point but point is a point

What is a service in tennis?

In tennis, a service is when one opponent hits the tennis ball over the net into the opposite box. It's how tennis players start the point. If you miss the first serve, you get to serve again, but if you miss that, the point is over. Your opponent won that point. If the ball hits the net before bouncing over, it is called a let. Source: Many years of playing tennis.

What do you call a point in tennis?

Just that...a point.

What is the bat in tennis called?

In tennis it is called a racket.

What is a tennis stroke called?

Fore hand, back hand, and a serve that scores a point is an ace.

In Tennis what is a legal serve which the opponent fails to touch or the point which is scored as a result?

The legal serve where the opponent fails to touch the tennis ball is called 'ACE'.

If a person fails to get their two serves in tennis what is it called?

"Double fault" ... the consequence being that he/she loses that point.

If you touch the net in tennis do you lose the point?

If you hit the ball into the net in tennis you don't lose a point, rather the opponent get s a point.

What is the tennis point after deuce?


What is the point after duece in tennis?


How do you pull out a ignition cylinder from a 1996 S-10 extented cab automatic?

how to pull a ignition cylinder on a S-10 extented cab automatic

How has the airplane been modified?

when its fuselage has been extented.

What is a duece in tennis?

Deuce in tennis is when both the opponents, doubles, or singles, have "40" points in which is called deuce. After the deuce point, the match is either over, or you go into "add" scoring.

In tennis the ball was obviously out but it hit you whose point was it?

If the ball hit you before it bounced then it is the other person's point because it technically never landed outside of the court. However, if it bounced, then you called it out, and then it hit you, it is your point because you called it out.

In tennis if the serving team earns the first point after deuce is the score called ad out?

No. If the server wins the point at deuce, it is advantage-in for the server. If the server loses the point after deuce it is advantage-out.

What was tennis called before?

The modern game of tennis was originally called lawn tennis. This was started in England in the late 1800's. There was also a game called real tennis. Our tennis today has a combination of both similar games.

What is a let in the game of tennis?

A let is a call that allows a point to be played again. In tennis, a let can be called for multiple reasons. One reason for a let to be called is if a serve lands in the correct service box, but hits the net first. A let will be called and the server will serve again. Another reason for a let to be called is if something disrupts play or presents a hazard. An example of this would be a ball from another court rolling onto a tennis court while a point is being played. In this instance, the point would be stopped and replayed.

What is a point in tennis?

The point of tennis is to keep the ball within bounds on the opposite side of the net from yourself, and to be the last person to do so.

What is a tennis racket string called?

the strings in a tennis racquet are simply called "strings".