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Q: What is an Autographed Ball signed by Bill Jackowski worth?
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How much is an autographed saints football worth?

Depends on the ball, who signed, and who's buying if that's wat ur gonna do

How much is a Harlem Rockets signed ball worth?

It depends on how many of the players signed the ball. A typical autographed basketball, Men's full size, would run around $50-$250.

What is the value of a Frank Howard autographed baseball?

An official major league ball signed by Frank howard would be worth about $35-$40.

How much is a Warren Moon autographed NFL Football worth?

How much is a Warren Moon autographed worth on ball.

What is the value of a baseball autographed by Mickey Mantle and Sandy Koufax?

Each ball would go anywhere from $500-$2,000 so with both signed on on ball the ball could be worth up to $5,000

How much is a Yadier Molina autographed ball worth?

Yadier Molina signed baseballs w/ certificate of authenticity are valued around $100 retail.

What is the value of a albert pujols autographed ball?

This ball is worth around $100

What is the value of a 1964 team autographed football from the University of Alabama National Championship team?

If all members of the squad signed the ball, it could be worth over 1 thousand dollars if the BEAR signed the ball as well. LE Fordham

How much is a Atlanta Braves autographed ball worth?


How much is a Mickey Mantle autographed ball worth?


How much is a lakers t-shirt signed by magic Johnson worth?

400-1000 dollars us because a autographed Kobe ball is 400-900

What is a 1956 pitsburgh pirates autographed baseball worth?

alot very rare, Jackie Robinson signed and a ford frick national league game ball

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