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it means game point

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Q: What is advantage for tennis?
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What sport does advantage belong to?

The term advantage belongs to tennis.

What follows deuce in tennis?


What is the tennis point after deuce?


What does ad stand for in tennis?


What is the point after duece in tennis?


In tennis who has the advantage AD IN?

the server

What does an ad mean in tennis?

ad = advantage

What is a nine letter tennis word?


What does it mean when the score is advantage in in tennis?

the server has the advantage to win the game after deuce

In tennis what scoreline comes before advantage?


What comes after deuce in tennis?

Advantage in if the server wins the point and advantage out if the returner wins the point.

In lawn tennis what is advantage side?

The ball is slightly slower.

Do tall tennis players have advantage on serve?

Yes, to a certain extent.

What is ad in and ad out?

advantage in favor of the server in tennis; advantage in favor of the receiver. Terms used after a deuce, i.e., 30-all.

What comes before advantage in tennis called?

I don't know try another one!

When does advantage server occur in tennis?

after you get deuce and the server wins the point. You call it 'ad in'

What is it called when a tennis player wins six games with two game advantage?

They have won a 'set'.

How you can count points in table tennis?

15 30 45 maybe sometimes there will be an disadvantage and advantage

If a handicap helps you win what sports might you be playing?

Golf. Although handicaps can be used in many sports, Tennis (sets or games advantage), darts (legs or points advantage) and snooker (points or frames advantage).

What is it called when the receiving team has the advantage in tennis?

If at any point in the game where the receiving team has a break point (or Advantage in Ad-Scoring after a deuce), then it is called a break point.

What is the advantage out in tennis?

An advantage out (or ad. out, when you call the score) is when youe oppenent has won the first point of duece (40-40.) Ad. in, is when you win the first point of duece.

What does the word advantage mean in tennis?

The word advantage meaning in tennis is when both of the team players has gotten 40 points = to 3 points, this creates a "Deuce" and that is simply a tie. Now normally, it goes Love =0, then 15, 30, 40, and Game Point. But when each of the players have a game leading up to each having 40, it's sort of a tie. This is where the advantage comes in. Basically, when ever the server or the receivers, make a point, it will be ad. in or ad. out. Ad. In = Servers advantage, Ad. Out = Receivers advantage Then whomever makes the next point, who has the advantage wins, and if you have the advantage and the other person gets a point, you lose the advantage and go back to deuce. I hope that helps! :D My resources: Coming from a tennis player himself. :D

What is 40-40 in tennis called?

In tennis, when both opponents are tied at 40-40, the score is called deuce. Deuce changes to advantage when one opponent scores after achieving deuce.

Why do you change sides in tennis?

To make the match fair. If one player had the side with no sun they would have the predominate advantage.

In tennis does the server have advantage?

yes because u can ace the person but the person can double fault so it evens