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The virtual gravity Bowling ball is one of the most highly reactive bowling ball in the world.

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Q: What is a virtual gravity bowling ball?
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What causes a bowling ball to stop on earth?

Inertia and gravity cause a bowling ball to stop on earth.

Which is heavier a bowling ball or a astronaut?

a bowling ball is much heavier than a astronaut under the action of gravity

Whats CG mean in bowling?

In bowling, CG stands for Center of Gravity and is the area of a bowling ball that is the heaviest.

Why is a bowling ball harder to move than a golf ball?

A bowling ball has more mass and is pulled by gravity, creating more resistance than a golf ball.

When did Virtual Bowling happen?

Virtual Bowling happened in 1995.

What has more gravity - a ping pong ball or a bowling ball?

A bowling ball since it has more mass. However, both the ping pong ball and the bowling ball are subjected to the same acceleration due to gravity, specifically 9.82 m s-2 and, neglecting air resistance, would fall at the same rate of speed.

What is the mass of a 7.0-kilogram bowling ball on the surface of the moon?

Gravity does not affect total mass, no matter where in the universe the bowling ball travels. Therefore, a 7 kilogram bowling ball will always be 7 kilograms.

Will a16 lb bowling ball and a 10 lb bowling ball dropped together reach the ground together?

Yes... Its not the weight but the force of gravity

Bowling ball and apple drop from same height which will reach earth first?

If a bowling ball and an apple dropped from the same height the bowling ball would reach the ground first. This is because the bowling ball has more mass and density making gravity pull it down faster.

Why doesn't gravity act upon a bowling ball being rolled in a bowling alley?

It does act upon it. If gravity weren't acting upon the ball, it would float into the air instead of remaining on the alley floor.

When was Virtual Bowling created?

Virtual Bowling was created on 1995-12-22.

No work is done by gravity on a bowling ball that rolls along a bowling alley because?

its motion is perpendicular to the direction of which the gravitational force acts on it.

Would a bowling ball weigh more or less out in space than in does here?

Less No gravity

Why does your storm virtual gravity nano bowling have an x stamped on it near the serial number?

That's the center of gravity of the ball. This isn't something most bowlers worry about, but 220-average players can change the way the ball goes down the lane by varying the relative positions of the finger holes and the CG mark.

What force acts on the bowling ball?

Gravity and normal force (floor pushing on the ball) if its already rolling. If it's being thrown, then gravity, normal force, and the hand throwing it.

Who has more mass a bowling ball or a golf ball?

Bowling ball

Bowling ball-what is the most aggressive bowling ball on heavy oil lanes?

This question changes from year to year, as newer and more aggressive bowling balls hit the market. But as of this posting (October 2009), the most aggressive ball on the market is the Virtual Gravity, made by Storm, Inc.Keep in mind that other factors besides the ball itself come into play, including how you throw the ball, where the holes are drilled relative to the pin (the ball's center of gravity), etc. It's wise to discuss your options with an experienced and trusted pro shop professional; the solution for you may well involve a different ball, or may even require to work on changing your approach, arm swing and/or delivery.

What are ten terms for bowling ball?

PinPAPLayoutAxisCenter of Gravity (CG)Grip Center (GC)SurfaceWeightReactiveGrip Midline

Which one weighs more bowling ball or tennis ball?

Bowling ball

What roll down faster soccer ball or bowling ball?

Bowling ball

Which has more mass a bowling ball or a table tennis ball?

A bowling ball

In a vacuum if you drop a feather and a bowling ball at the same time which one hits the ground first?

In a vacuum there would be no gravity, so the objects would not fall at all. However, if there was gravity, the feather and bowling ball would hypothetically reach the ground at the same time.

Who has more mass in it a bowling ball or a basketball?

a bowling ball

Which has more volume a bowling ball or beach ball?


What is a bowling ball?

A bowling ball is a ball that is used in the game of bowling, where you roll the ball down an aisle and try to knock down as many pins as you can.