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A Bowling ball since it has more mass.

However, both the ping pong ball and the bowling ball are subjected to the same acceleration due to gravity, specifically 9.82 m s-2 and, neglecting air resistance, would fall at the same rate of speed.

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bowling ball

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Q: Which exerts a gravitational force a baseball a football or a bowling ball?
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Which exerts more gravitational force a baseball a football or a bowling ball?

The object with the most mass, as gravitational force is dependent on mass. Therefore the bowling ball exerts more gravitational force than a baseball or a football.

What objects exerts a gravitational force a feather a bowling ball or a book?

All three objects will exert a gravitational force. The strength of the force depends on the mass of each object. The bowling ball will exert the greatest gravitational force due to its larger mass compared to the feather and the book.

What gravitational force exerts on an object?

Gravitational force exerts an attraction on objects.

Is hair exerts gravitational force?


What is dependent on gravitational pull?

Any two objects with mass will have a gravitational force. The orbit of planets around stars depends on the gravitational pull of the star. The Earth exerts a gravitational pull on its moon but the moon also exerts a pull on the Earth.

Does Earth exert gravity?

Anything that has mass exerts a gravitational field, so yes, earth exerts one.

What is the gravitational force that earth has?

Well.................. the gravitational force of earth exerts a force of 9.8m/s squared.

The amount of gravitational pull an object exerts depends on what?

The amount of gravitational pull an object exerts depends on its mass and the distance between it and another object. Gravitational force increases with mass and decreases with distance.

Why sun has gravitation?

Everything with mass exerts a gravitational force proportional to its mass.

Who has more gravity the moon are the earth?

The earth exerts a stronger gravitational force.

Does a piece of paper exerts a greater gravitational pull than a pencil?


Can plasma manipulate gravity?

It does not have any special gravitational properties, if that's what you mean, but plasma has mass and therefore exerts a gravitational pull.