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Q: What is a very long running race in the Olympics?
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What is a very long race in Olympics?

I dont have friends or.parents

What is a 70k race?

A 70K race would be a race that is 43 miles long. A standard marathon race is 26.2 miles long. There are not very many races that are over 26.2 miles for running.

How long is 800 meters?

800 meters is the shortest common track running race held in the Olympics. Most people think its very long and complete it in about 6 minutes, but the usual (or average) time is supposed to be about 2 minutes.

A very long running race?

The longest endurance race is the Sri Chinmoy 1300-Miler. In this race the participants have 51 days to cover the distance. (Thats an average of over 60 miles per day). long distance running or cross courntry

First Olympic race?

The 1896 Olympics, the very first modern Olympics. but then again, the ancient Greece Olympics too.

What was a very long race that occurred in the Olympics?

There was a 50 km Cross Country mass start race.... I'd say that's quite a ways to go on a pair of skis

What is a very long race called?

A very long race can be called long distance, cross country or a marathon.

What is a 1000k race?

A very, very long race. It would require a long training period.

What does Malai timro dheraine Maya lagcha mean in Nepali?

A 70K race would be a race that is 43 miles long. A standard marathon race is 26.2 miles long. There are not very many races that are over 26.2 miles for running.

What was the very first game of the Olympics?

The first event competed at the Ancient Olympics was the stade race, a foot race of approximately 192 meters. The first event competed at the Modern Olympics was the 100 meter dash.

A very long race that rhymes with dawn?

A very long race is a marathon, but it doesn't rhyme with dawn.

What is the 1.5 meter dash?

Either the world's shortest running race, or a very tense snail race.

Am I too old to take part in the 5k races?

Age is of very little importance to running a 5K race. As long as you are in good shape and are confident in your ability to complete your goal, you are able to take part in a 5K race.

When do the Olympics finish?

Nobody actually knows when the olympics will end, they will probably go on for a very long time, though.

What is a very long race that rhymes with dawn?


What is a sentence for the word swift?

the athletic girl ran very fast in the running race

How often was Ancient Greek Olympics?

isn't it obvious a veryvery very very very very very very very long time WRONG Real Answer: The Ancient Greek Olympics happened every four years

How common is vomiting after running?

The majority of runners in a race will not vomit after they run. However, if you eat/drink dairy products or foods that upset your stomach before a race and/or run very, very hard, there is a chance that it will happen to you. I think it happens to all runners at least a few times in their running careers.

The name of very long running rice?

jerry rice

What were some of the sports featured in the first Olympics?

Running races, a very violent form of boxing and wrestling, often to the death; javelin throw.

How many times did seb coe race against Steve ovett apart from the Olympics?

Not sure. Very hard to find out as all anyone talks about is the double in Olympics. Doesn't any of the autobiography's or past records tell us?

Why are African runners so successful in long distance running and marathon races?

because they are very powerful and they love running

What were the cycling tracks like in the very first olympics?

There weren't any.Olympic games, as held by ancient Greece, was a long time before the invention of the bicycle. No bikes, no race, no race track.Cycling didn't become a part of the olympics until the modern olympics were started, and cycling got added in 1896.The tracks themselves were pretty much like they are today. Mybe a bit poorer light, maybe a tiny bit more uneven.

Why do people breath heavily after running a race?

because when they're running the heart has to pump blood faster to power the body. the heart must pump very fast and it takes a minute to slow down.

Who won the silver medal in women's 400 metres at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

Allyson Felix won the silver medal in the Women's 400m Event at the Rio 2016 Olympics. It was a very close race, as Miller had won the gold medal with a dive.