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There is no set stardard for 'scoring oppertunity" in hockey as the NHL does not keep track of it. I'd consider it to be a open shot from more than a few feet inside the circles, or any chance where the attacking player had a breakaway, large portion of the net open, or a good shot from in close.

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Q: What is a scoring opportunity in hockey?
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What is the scoring called for hokey?

Scoring for hockey occurs when the hockey puck is hit into the net. When that happens, the team that hit it in gets a point that is called a goal.

What is the NHL specific rule for scoring a hit in hockey?

you don't score a hit in hockey

What does asterisk mean in hockey scoring?

There is no such thing

What does PP mean in hockey scoring?

power play

What does slot mean in ice hockey?

The slot is the area directly in front of the net. It is considered a very dangerous place for a defending team because an opposing player can sit there and have a scoring opportunity from a pass from anywhere in that end of the ice

What is the lowest scoring NHL hockey game?

1 to 0

What is a good hockey saying?

Scoring: Put the Biscuit in the Basket

What does row mean in hockey scoring?

Regulation/overtime wins

What are the somethings that are the same in hockey and football?

# The contact # Teamwork # Formation # Scoring

What is a top hat in hockey?

Scoring three goals in one game.

What is the highest scoring Olympic Hockey game ever?


Was there ever two points given to a player for scoring a goal in hockey?


What has the author Newell Brown written?

Newell Brown has written: 'Hockey drills for scoring' -- subject(s): Training, Hockey

How is played ice hockey?

ice hockey is a very interesting sport. the sport is played on ice, obviously and is all about scoring goals. a big part is preventing goals. this job is meant for defensive players and goalies but is sometimes portrayed by forwards, as to scoring goals done by denfense.

What kind of game does a hockey player play?

The game of hockey is a very popular sport. The game of hockey requires one to chase a puck around the field with a stick, scoring goals against the opposing team.

What is the highest scoring playoff ice hockey game ever?

Calverland 54.5 to Geriatric High 2pi.

Which National Hockey League team had the most consecutive power plays without scoring?

NY Rangers

What was the highest scoring AHL hockey game ever?

The highest scoring AHL game occurred on Mar. 17, 1945 when the Cleveland Barons beat the Pittsburgh Hornets by a score of 12-10.

What is the difference between shots on goal vs scoring chances in ice hockey?

A scoring chance is when u had or have a chance to put the puck in the net and a shot on goal says it all its just shooting at the goal.

What is the aim of field hockey?

To score more goals than the other team, while stopping from scoring against you.

What is the highest scoring hockey shutout game ever?

gastons a baby eating monster who loves yokums corn

Average score for a hockey match?

5 3-2 is a good scoring game with an average of five points in total

How many periods aare in a hockey game?

There are 3 periods in a hockey game. If the game is tied after 3 periods, there is an overtime. If that doesn't end in one team scoring, there can be a shootout or as many overtimes as needed.

Since the 1987 season how many times has the regular season scoring champion play for the Pittsburgh penguins?

Mario was the scoring champion and he played for the Pittsburgh penguins for 41 years P.S Hockey Commisioner

What is the name for scores in hockey game?

For field hockey (played on grass) scoring one goal is one goal. There are no points and goals, just goals. One to nothing is one- nil, two- nil etc.