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A remote hose (AKA Remote Coil) is a coiled hose that you screw into your ASA on your marker, and your tank, allowing you to place the tank anywhere you feel comfortable. If you are going to play with the remote, I advise poking a hole through your outfit and threading the hose through your uniform, so you don't get it caught on any brush, metal, etc.

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Q: What is a remote coil paintball CO2 marker gun air hose tank line?
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What is the cord that can connect the tank to a paintball gun?

its called a remote line or remote hose.

Is the remote coil hose compatible with co2?

All of them are.

What is the difference between a tombstone and an ASA as related to a paintball marker?

The "tombstone" is what the gas-valve connection device on the Tippmann A5/X7. It is on the end of the steel hose, which is connected to the ASA or Air source adapter, where the tank is screwed in.

Why does the lower water hose leak at the radiator end on a 2001 crv after I replaced the hose.?

clamp or fastener not tight enough!!! or hose not push up on neck of radiator or push to far on neck pass the marker which is a raised marker/stopper

Where is the coil pack on a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire?

The coil pack on a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire is located behind the air intake hose. Just behind where the air intake hose connects to the top of the motor is where the coil pack is on this vehicle.

You shot your neighbors house with a paintball gun what do you do?

Hose down the paint, most of it should wash away. Paintballs are biodegradable, anything that doesn't wash away should disapear in a day or two of sunlight. Depending on your nieghbor, you may want to appoligise. Good luck! PS: When not at a designated paintball field, you should treat your paintball marker like any other firearm. Know what is down range from your target. It was only a house this time, but next time it could be your nightbor's smart, paintball has enough enemies already, do what you can to preserve and enrich the sport. <END RANT>

How do you get rid of wasps around a pool?

If you have a paintball gun shoot it but if you don't have one then spay it with a hose.

How do you get a hose unfroze?

coil the hose and put it in a bucket of warm water..or if no warm water put in some water..

If on a 1997 Jeep Wrangler hot air does not come out of the heater vents and the hose leading into heater coil is hot but the hose leading out is not what is going on?

Heater CORE, not coil. The core is plugged and needs back flushing or replacement.

How do you refill a compressed air paintball tank?

To refill a paintball tank, you must first go to a paintball field or store with a paintball air compressor. You can't refill them with just any home depot compressor, it takes serious pressure to fill these tanks. Find the fill station with the same pressure as your tank (3000, 4500 or 5000 psi) and hook up the fill hose to the fill nipple on the side of the tank while it is attached to your gun. Then press the lever or button in until the gauge on your tank or on the filler is at the correct pressure and release. Then unhook the fill hose.

Why the hose to the thermostat contracts when you accelerate?

the hose is worn and needs replaced... over time the hoses can become brittle and unstable.. sometimes these hoses are made with a coil spring inside of the straight portion of the hose, to prevent the hose from collapsing(contracting). replace the hose and that should be all you need to do.

Where is the coil located on a 1995 Dodge Caravan?

The coil is located on the Right inner fenderwell. The later type coil it is located in a black casing next to the top heater hose , immediately adjacent to the oil dip stick.

Does ignition coil have small rubber hose connecting to it?

That's not a hose, It's the main spark plug wire that goes to the center position on the distributor. That is how the spark gets to the distrubutor to be sent to the plugs.

Can you spray trespassing kids with your hose?

You should be alright as long as you have a sign up that says "no trespassing". I used to use my paintball gun on teenagers. It sure showed them that "no trespassing" means no trespassing.

What could be wrong if there is not as much air blowing from the vents as there was because the house doesn't get cold?

The coil is dirty.Hose it out with a water hose.

What is extra water hose inside refrigerator for?

To cool the water going to the dispenser. Usually a 1/4" plastic coil.

How do you program a remote lock and unlock to a 2000 ford explorer sport when just the remote starter part of it works?

you have to take it to a dealership you have to take it to a dealership Answer !!!! No you do not have to take it to the dealer.. Call a Locksmith Dealers hose you.

What causes the temperature gauge not work on a 1995 Ford Escort LX when the needle is past the cold marker?

There could be a loose wire on the sensor, under the ignition, on the driver's side heater hose, the single wire or small sensor on same hose.

You know what it should be and where is but there are no numbers on the damper marker is TDC on the left or the right of the scale and do you need to pull or plug any hose to set the timing on a 1985?

TDC will be the longest mark on damper you should remobe vacuum hose from distributer and block it while you set timing. remember to unplug and replace hose after you have set timing

Where is the coil pack on a 93 dodge shadow?

The coil (only one) is located next tot eh radiator hose on the 2.2L/2.5L. On a 3.0L it is on the rear of the intake manifold. Follow the plug wires from the distributor and you will find it.

You smell antifreeze when running the heater?

May have a bad heater coil or a lose coolant hose clamp near fire wall.

Where 2003 thermostat location Chrysler town and country?

The thermostat is just below the ignition coil on the outlet of the upper rad hose.

On my 1995 Jeep Cherokee what is the possible cause of no spark at the ignition coil even I replace the coil with a new one?

its most likey the crank sensor its on the top driver side of the trany close to the bell hose. you can get to it from under the jeep

How do you control the heater on a 1989 300E...The heat won't turn off?

possibly you've got a stuck up water valve that's why the hot water continously flows to the heater coil, for the meantime to cut it off open the car hood and look for two rubber hose that is being connected to the engine side and the other end is connected to a aluminum or steel tube that is coming out of the dust board front in the hood. it is the water supply going to the coil heater inside the car. Remove the hose clamp ( engine is cold ) and put a temporary plug to both hose. Then have the heater valve and coil be check by a qualified car aircon tech.

What is the price for having a AC coil cleaned?

DO IT YOURSELF !!and SAVE!! product at lowes" SIMPLE GREEN" Spray on ,hose off.Really that simple.Dont let them fool you .it's only dirt and grass,of course grass you will have to clean off yourself.Other than that ,just an hourly rate of 65 an hour,$40 for the coil cleaner,use of your water hose,travel time to and from and maybe fuel charges.aint worth it.